Age of APIs

fashion retail

6 SFCC backend developers

One of our clients from the New York-based brand came up to Grinteq with a particular need. He wanted to create an API for their existing shoe e-commerce storefront.
Since our Grinteq team has vast experience in API development, we decided to involve nine certified SFCC engineers who have a deep understanding and exceptional knowledge about API and storefront reference architecture (SFRA).
Java Script
Java Script
Node JS
Node JS
Salesforce commerce cloud
Salesforce commerce cloud
Our client was delighted with the delivered software for their existing shoe e-commerce storefront. We developed the business logic part of the new storefront API and Node/ Salesforce Commerce cloud communication via OCAPI. Also, our development team created OCAPI hooks and did unit testing.
What's more critical, Grinteq, as a trusted Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Partner and consultant with a history of working with luxury fashion brands, became a better partner of choice.
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