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Block 42

full stack developer, UX/UI designer

Block 42 is a small blockchain development unit, focusing on providing expertise, resources, and consultancy in the new and strange technology space. The client wanted us to deliver visual identity, design, back end, and front end implementation.
*We respect our client’s wishes and choose not to disclose any names or numbers, as agreed in the NDA.
Blockchain is one of the most popular spaces where many projects and companies compete to build eye-catching and jaw-dropping websites and features. We decided to start with wireframing of the landing page, and after, gradually moving towards the final version of the site. The project demanded an extraordinary visual experience and skills, in-line with the industry spirit.
Java Script
Java Script
All in all, our client received a fully functional website with the necessary functionality. With a team of UX/UI designers and full-stack developers, we crafted a website which addressed the main goals of the company and followed the best visual practices of the blockchain industry.