UX/UI, backend / frontend developer, QA engineer.

As a part of an international project, a Sweden based educational institution, Svefi Academy, in cooperation with four EU universities (Sweden, Spain, Italy, Poland) needed an e-learning solution to test knowledge of students who take courses in the universities mentioned above.
The client from Svefi Academy wanted to develop an e-learning platform that can work on all kinds of platforms (from phones to desktops). The main requirement was to create an attractive design/audio-visual experience and motivation module.
Java Script
Java Script
React JS
React JS
Redux JS
Redux JS
Since it was an urgent task, we assembled a team of five specialists who designed and developed a solution in 1 month due to time limitations set by the client. The final version of the app was presented to the customer during a face-to-face meeting in Minsk.
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