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Health Hunt
Fitness and wellbeing

UX/UI designer, project manager

Health is one of the most critical components in our lives. The Healthhunt project violates all the rules for the understanding of daily well being across Asia, by providing a content-led marketplace with a comprehensive listing of health and wellness experts. Since the first successful steps in that direction were completed, it was high time to think about fully integrating that experience across mobile platforms.
*We respect our client’s wishes and choose not to disclose any names or numbers, as agreed in the NDA.
Thanks to modern technologies, people can improve their health and even prevent serious diseases. And today, in the digital era, we can do this through our mobile devices. Backed by existing web user flows and interaction data, our Grinteq designer team jumped on the call and was selected to be the leading UX/UI unit for that project. Our main tasks were status updates, feedback sessions, and close integration with the core Healthhunt team.
Based on the best UX/UI practices for Android and iOS platforms, we designed a consistent and calming design that follows the primary goal of the Healthhunt app. We chose smooth pastel shades and seamless animation to contribute to the app's perception as a fully integrated mind-body wellness platform.