work mobile Insight Optics
Insight Optics

2 iOS developers, 1 QA engineer

Insight Optics created an ophthalmology app that connects primary care providers with a network of ophthalmologists filtered by location and rankings. The main idea of the solution is to support the exchange of medical reports between a general specialist who examines a patient and gets initial analysis and a chosen ophthalmologist who may instantly and remotely detect a problem as a field expert.
*We respect our client’s wishes and choose not to disclose any names or numbers, as agreed in the NDA.
GrinTeq joined the project on a later stage of its development when iOS expertise was much required. Our team was responsible for updating the versions of the app, resolve a set of bugs and develop the features that would be included into the MVP version of the solution.

While working at the tasks some more tech issues were detected and resolved: mobile camera functionality, server failures, controllers issues etc.

As a result of the commitment, a working MVP version was developed and tested. Also the updates of the system and some internal logic enabled to plan further development of functionality for post-MVP stages.