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2 backend/1 frontend developers

We were happy to assist Relesys, a company with HQ in Denmark that develops a customizable application for enterprise education and engagement. The customer faced a problem of finding local developers because he wanted to boost the company’s growth, and our team helped him to design the newest solutions and opportunities.
Grinteq specialists accelerated the development process by scaling up the core tech team and increasing deliverables considerably. Before we started the creation, Relesys experts interviewed candidates from our extended team to onboard them onto their team full-time.

The Minsk team was traveling to Denmark regularly for short-term business trips to meet with CTO, discuss the goals, and estimate the results for a past period.
C Sharp
C Sharp
All in all, our company helped Relesys to expand their development capabilities quickly and not run the risk of scaling down due to lack of resources.
Furthermore, several Grinteq specialists became a part of the client's core team and are currently contributing directly to product development.
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