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1 iOS/ 2 frontend/ 1 backend developer, 1 project manager

Watchely is a mobile-first solution for the US market. The company is an expert in the luxury watch market and verifies luxury watch dealers to purchase from.
The main goal of the Watchely team was to find a company with strong expertise in mobile development and the app store publishing process. It wasn't a problem for our team. We have vast experience in both because, in the past three years, our company has successfully launched and published more than 40 iOS applications.
The Grinteq team consisted of 6 developers dedicated to the project on a full-time basis under the supervision of 1 project manager.
React JS
React JS
Based on the client’s wishes, we offered two main solutions. At first, we decided to create a web application for users who did not use iOS. After it, using the same backend, our team of developers easily designed a mobile app with the web app functionality for desktop users and Android owners.
All in all, together with our customer, we created a great program and built a very trustful relationship. Now we are maintaining this created app.
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