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Gain extra benefits from customizing your Amazon Storefront. Get more views and sales by creating a captivating look for your digital showcase.

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What is Amazon Brand Store

With Amazon Brand Store, retailers may build a multi-page online store on Amazon for free, showing a selection of items in an immersive purchasing environment. It boosts brand awareness on the site, which in turn increases sales by an average of 35% per user.

Amazon Storefront Customization effect

+83% higher dwell time

Stores with 3+ pages have 83% higher shopper dwell time and 32% higher attributed sales per visitor.
Amazon Brand Store Customization effect

+35% higher attributed sales

On average, Stores updated within the past 90 days have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor.

Why launch an Amazon Brand Store

More than 2 billion people visit Amazon monthly. Level up your selling strategy with minimum effort by launching a customized brand store on the world’s largest digital marketplace.

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Increase visibility & sales

With Amazon Brand Stores, sellers are able to more effectively market their products and spread awareness of their brands. Thus, increased exposure results in more sales and satisfied consumers.

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Outperform the competition

While many merchants get by with the standard Amazon Storefront experience, adding a Brand Store allows brands to avoid feature limitations and achieve maximum selling results on Amazon.

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Grow your audience

Amazon Brand Stores provide an excellent opportunity to convey your brand story to customers in a well-organized manner, thereby investing in brand reputation and customer loyalty.

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More benefits of having an Amazon Brand Store

The advantages of establishing a Brand Store for your company extend well beyond the obvious ones of improving customer service and drawing in more new customers.

More opportunities to strengthen consumer loyalty and promote positive perceptions of your business.
Efficient campaigns that promote Amazon. By as much as 22%, your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) may improve by linking your Sponsored Brand ads to Stores.
More store's discoverability due to brand logos and banners on product pages.
Capacity to generate and capitalize on interest from outside sources.
Enhanced usability for both mobile and desktop platforms.

more than just a storefront Customization

Leverage a multi-page experience to present your company and its offerings in an unrivaled unique light.
Create compelling Amazon Stores with the help of the store builder, which is both easy to use and intuitive.
Add rich media and content that elevates the shopper's experience to a new level.
Promote your company and merchandise.
All the content is generated and curated by you

How we work. Choose the model

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We redesign the existing brand store or create the design from scratch. We help with the idea, think about how to sell, and come up with a nice and solid design. Once ready we give the client a Figma mockup.

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We redesign or create designs from scratch. We prepare the idea, help in selling the brand, create a Figma layout for the store, and upload it to the Amazon store.

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Amazon guide

We support the client with their brand store throughout their journey on Amazon. We add or remove things upon request, create and upload new content, make any edits and constantly improve the store’s look.

Customize your amazon brand store with grinteq

Step 1

Gathering requirements

Let’s start by analyzing your brand’s philosophy, strengths, audience, and preferences, as well as the final result you’d like to see. It will help us create an excellent Brand Store that will meet all your needs.

Step 2

Developing UX strategy

With a robust UX strategy, our team agrees on objectives before development begins. This approach focuses on crafting the ideal digital journey for your store's visitors. So, let's make a plan.

Step 3

Designing concept

At this stage, you will see the first draft of your future Amazon store as well as a few creative ideas for consideration. A perfect time to make any edits before publishing.

Step 4

Launching the store

When the concept is fully approved, it’s time to make it live. We can keep it on our side or redirect all the materials to your team, depending on the model you’ve chosen.

Step 5

Brand Store maintenance

After successfully launching your new Brand Store, it's vital to maintain its fresh appearance and continually implement new ideas to increase its effectiveness. We would be happy to fully support you in this process for as long as you need.

Get an outstanding Amazon Brand Store with Grinteq

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