Magento Consulting Services

No-nonsense hands-on sessions with certified Magento (Adobe Commerce) developers ready to dive headfirst into your project.

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What’s your magento challenge?

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Customizing Magento web store efficiently

No platform is more customizable than Magento and we will guide you how to tailor it to your needs.

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Scaling to meet
ever-evolving needs

We will make sure Magento's platform characteristics won't impede your company's growth.

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Improving Magento performance

Get an unbiased external opinion, based on collected data and analyzed metrics and KPIs.

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Improving customer
service in Magento

Get substantial enhancements to acquire control over all communication channels.

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Using Magento AI to increase sales

Let’s leverage Magento's Intelligence Commerce to access important customer data and boost sales.

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Optimizing Magento architecture

Employing PWA Studio, we design flexible Magento architectures to address new challenges.

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Let’s Solve It

Whether you need an ecommerce consultant or a solutions architect to assist you in optimizing Magento platform experience — from requirements gathering to integrating with third-parties — Grinteq is a determined partner you can rely on.

For each area of expertise

Our job is to make sure Magento tech problems don't slow you down in any way. Grinteq will ensure that every facet of your Magento is prepared to meet any of the challenges your store may encounter.

Navigation & Search
Sales & Marketing
Store Fulfillment
Order Management
Payment Services
Product Page Improvement
User Experience
Integrated B2B functionality
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Magento extensions
Hand-picking Consultancy

Extension selection

There are almost 6,000 extensions available in the Magento Marketplace that may improve your ecommerce site in various ways, such as by enhancing search functionality, catalog navigation, or facilitating the use of smart proxy apps to integrate with other services. We tested the best of them.

Custom extension development

Do you have a day-to-day routine you want to automate? Let’s design a custom Magento 2 module.

Better Magento architecture and API maintenance

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Even while many modern online stores have mobile-friendly designs, they are often desktop-native. There is an opportunity to shift to more flexible architecture solutions.

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API + Headless

For those who want to go farther than conventional ecommerce – you can rely on extensively used APIs and headless commerce and reap the rewards.

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Why consult  Grinteq

As your personal Magento wellness coach, we will evaluate precisely which muscle groups and body parts of your online store need to be strengthened, as well as the exercises and equipment that should be used.


always stable, always reliable, with a prompt ramp-up and takeoff


hassle-free procedures - get a full 360 picture of the process

Experience & expertise

old stagers with a proven track record unveil all platform secrets to you

Easy flow

there are no bureaucratic hurdles - you always get priority status

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