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Grinteq develops robust and flexible ecommerce software architecture tailored specifically to your business's needs and goals.

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Designing Your Future Success. Step By Step

The success of any online store depends on its website architecture. A well-designed architecture ensures a seamless user experience and accessibility, as well as a fast site loading time and the ability to handle huge visitor and sales volumes.

Use Grinteq's knowledge to increase satisfaction among your clientele, and drive more revenue.

State-of-the-art Ecommerce Architecture

Our expert team is ready to assist you in developing a safe, dependable, and scalable ecommerce infrastructure that will make your competition jealous.

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Better UX/UI

Designing an intuitive user experience that is easy to navigate

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Optimizing for speed and performance, both in terms of loading times and checkout processes

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Resilient & scalable

Ensuring that the architecture is able to handle large amounts of traffic and data

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3rd-party compatible

Integrating with third-party applications, such as payment gateways and shipping services

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Implementing effective SEO strategies to ensure that customers can easily find your products and services

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Incorporating mobile-friendly design to ensure an optimal experience on mobile devices

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Get vital counsel and insight into the best ecommerce architecture solutions, ensuring your project remain competitive in the ever-changing digital realm.

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Different Ecommerce Architectures For Different Needs

Choosing the right ecommerce architecture is crucial as it can either limit or maximize your growth opportunities. Together with Grinteq, pick the system architecture for your ecommerce website that aligns with your ambitions and paves the way for future surge.

Monolith architecture

Monolithic design is ideal for small and medium ecommerce firms, tiny apps, and those companies just starting their digital transformation. It handles simple business logic and provides rapid solutions when needs are unclear.

Microservices architecture

Ecommerce microservices architecture can be a suitable choice for digital-mature enterprises depending on factors like platform scale and complexity, agility and scalability needs, component separation, and deployment and maintenance flexibility.

Headless architecture

Due to decoupling of frontend and backend, headless ecommerce architecture offers increased flexibility and scalability, along with easier modification and higher failure tolerance, resulting in better control over customer journey.

Composable architecture

When there is a need for frequent changes and updates, the ability to scale parts of the application independently, and the need for easy integration with other systems or services, a composable architecture is a new trendy approach.

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Custom website Architecture for commerce cloud


To reduce the complexity of building your ecommerce store, we often use Storefront Reference Architecture. With over 250 pre-made wireframes, it's easy to create a unique online store that suits your business needs and stands out from the competition.

Commerce API

For additional flexibility, Salesforce Commerce Cloud also allows for headless deployments. With this option, you can choose the CMS and frontend that's best for your project. Craft a shopping experience that's tailored to each individual customer and perfectly matches your goals and their interests.


Want to take things to the next level? With PWA Kit, Grinteq can easily create a progressive web app that works like a native app on any device. Let’s co-create lookbooks with shoppable products that don't feel like ads. With pre-made components and APIs, it's easy to get started and reach your commercial objectives quickly.

Co-design Your Ecommerce Architecture

Audit and consultancy
Business requirements gathering
Platform selection
Design and structure

Ultimate Website Architecture Design Process With Grinteq

Step 1

Goals definition

Let’s define what you want to achieve with your ecommerce project.

Step 2

Audience research

Grinteq examines who your target customers are and what they expect from your online store.

Step 3

Platform selection

We’ll get our heads over how to hand-pick the ecommerce platform that best meets your needs.

Step 4

Website design

Let’s co-create the look and feel of your online store, including its layout, colors, fonts, and images.

Step 5

Test and launch

Making sure everything is operating properly before releasing your big-time ecommerce project to the public.

Step 6

Monitoring and optimization

We monitor your ecommerce website performance and optimize it based on the data we receive.

Step 7

Maintaining and growth

Let’s grow your project by adding new features and improving existing ones.

Why Build Site Architecture With Grinteq

Our certified software developers and architects will create an optimal solution plan, choosing the best technology stacks to help your business prepare for the future. This will ensure that your ecommerce architecture is current, aligned with your business goals, and ready to grow with your company.

Build Superb Ecommerce Architecture

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