Magento Integrations

With Magento integrations, you can streamline your payments, shipping, marketing, and customer service processes to improve efficiency and boost your bottom line. Take advantage of the integrations available on the Magento platform and watch your business thrive.

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Integrations Are Essential

Despite the Magento platform’s high versatility and adaptability, there's almost no way your online business can work without integrating 3rd party services.

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Rather than building from scratch, or slipping into over-customization, you integrate time-tested trustworthy solutions with measurable results.

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Better management

Adding tried-and-true third-party services improves the effectiveness of process management, as well as reduces workload on staff.

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Engaging experience

Engage more customers by diversifying their user experience with more handy services plus letting them to use services they prefer.

Product Management Magento integrations

Warehouse management system (WMS) integration

Step up how you run your warehouse and manage your stock with no effort. WMS integration allows ecommerce businesses to visualize and fully control their stock.

Inventory management system (IMS) integration

Integration with third-party IMS allows you to govern what's going on in the supply chain, give more accurate financial reports, improve stock levels, and make it easier to manage data and make predictions.

Product Information Management (PIM) integration

Centralize all your product info by integrating PIM software. It gathers, maintains, empowers, and distributes product-related data across all channels (social media, ads, marketplaces).

Marketing & Sales Magento integrations

Marketing Analytics

Integrating marketing analytics on your ecommerce site is a must-have if you are interested in learning more about your consumers, including what they want, what they need, and their personas.

Automation Marketing

Integrating Automation Marketing could help in a number of ways, such as making it easier to make decisions, increasing omnichannel traction, and influencing holistic marketing programs; helping your marketing team to simplify their daily routine dramatically.

Email marketing

Email marketing lets you talk to your customers right away, find out more about them, and personalize your messages for each person. By integrating email marketing services, you can draw customers' attention back to products they have shown interest in.


By integrating review services to your ecommerce site, you not only give your business another way to get useful feedback, but you also create a new way to market. All of these pays off engaging more people and making customers more confident in your business.

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Payment integrations for Magento

Tax Calculation

Due to the wide variety of tax regulations throughout the world, a tax calculating integration is a valuable asset for every online retailer. Internet-based businesses may now automatically calculate sales tax thanks to the integrating 3rd party tax services.

Payment Gateway

Integrate the payment system that allows your customers to pay you in a way that is as simple as possible, as secure as possible, as fast as possible, and, most importantly, in a way that is tailored to their preferences.


By integrating third-party POS suppliers into your digital commerce ecosystem, you will be able to better synchronize data, create invoices, and handle accounting.

Customer Service integrations


With CRM, digital entrepreneurs can keep track of how the lead-generation process is going and always have a full list of active contacts on hand. Integrating CRM is a must-have for keeping track of information about customers, orders, marketing, and customer support.


ERP organizes links to crucial data sets, including shipments, orders, customers, goods, and stock levels. This, in turn, aids in the reduction of human error, duplicate data, and other such blunders. In addition, manual data entry is unnecessary.

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Order processing integrations

Shipping integration

With third-party shipping integration, merchants may speed up the process of receiving and fulfilling orders sent via several sales channels.

Order management system

OMS is used to track orders and make sure the correct products go to the right customers. Integration of an OMS to your ecommerce ecosystem will centralize orders from several distribution points.

Return merchandise authorization

The intricate and time-consuming process of returning a product may be easily automated and streamlined with the help of a third-party RMA service integration.

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