Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce integrations go beyond standard Salesforce functionalities by offering seamless connectivity with other software applications and services, ultimately resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Leverage any external service as if it were a built-in feature of Salesforce.

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Amplify Salesforce With Integrations

No matter how sophisticated your Salesforce CRM is, you cannot successfully manage a digital company without linking it with other systems.

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Seamless customer journey

Involve more clients by providing a wider range of useful services and the freedom to choose the services that best suit their needs.

Time-proven services

Instead of starting from scratch or over-customizing, you use time-tested, provable solutions.

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Better management

Proven third-party services boost process management efficiency while lightening the pressure on in-house resources.

Marketing & Sales integrations

Find out more about your target audience in terms of their goals, requirements, and overall profile as users by integrating 3rd party marketing and sales services.

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Marketing Analytics

Integrating data analytics to Salesforce improve decision-making, omnichannel traction, and holistic marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation

Let's ease your marketing team's job by adding marketing automation solutions to your online business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing lets you communicate with subscribers directly, gather audience data, and personalize communications.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Integrating Salesforce's CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) enables you to offer exact quotations for any product configuration.


By adding 3rd party reviews services, you provide your digital enterprise a useful feedback tool and a new marketing and sales channel.

Integrating With The MuleSoft

Mulesoft allows you to design flexible, time-resistant architectures. Thanks to a very simple and intuitive work with the API, it is easy to integrate the back office systems such as ERP, POS into your work environment with multiple Salesforce clouds.

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Clouds integration


Boost email, mobile, and social media marketing with marketing automation and next-gen analytics. Employ easy calendar and email list management.


AI-powered real-time data helps close deals quicker. Automate, gather data, and analyze to boost productivity.


Service Cloud automates the service process to scale it. Leverage real-time communication over several channels with AI-powered personalization.

Commerce (SFCC)

Add a leading ecommerce platform to your Salesforce environment. Use automation and versatile toolset to enable efficient administration.


Deliver consistent consumer experiences across touchpoints (sales, service, marketing, commerce, etc.), generating AI-tailored client info.

ERP integration

Integrating ERP may help your business run smoothly and productively, minimizing repetition, human error, and data entry.

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