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We've helped 45 + teams achieve their mission-critical goals, by designing, building and delivering awesome products.

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Grinteq is a software development company dedicated to empowering business projects with world-class coding expertise. Our services give tech companies access to the top 5% of Europe’s developers while also ensuring full management control over the projects.

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Starting a project from scratch?
From its proof-of-concept to commercial product release, we establish your business vision from the ground up. We draft the necessary specs, plan a timeline, and then assemble a team made up of architects, developers and UI designers to bring your software ideas to fruition.
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Looking to extend your
We integrate Europe’s top coding talent into existing teams or assemble the dream team from scratch. Grinteq handpicks tested and verified developers, who adhere to your code development practices and processes, while you retain total control.
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Top 5% of Europe’s Developers
We hire the top software developers who all evaluated multiple times to ensure they match your project expectations. That’s why we’ve developed a reputation for consistently connecting high-quality developers to software projects in need of expertise.
Quick Set-Up
On average, it takes us just 2 weeks to put together your senior development team based on your specific coding needs.
We promise you’ll be impressed.
1-month trial period
1 month trial period
We want you to feel comfortable with our service, always. That’s why we offer a 1 month trial period during the startup phase which can be extended up to 3 months. However, no client has ever left us during the trial period (knocking on wood).
flexibility for clients
Software development teams can be easily scaled up or down based on your business’s scheduling and needs. Whatever way your development is planned, we’ll accommodate you.
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