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We've helped 45 + brands achieve their mission-critical goals, by designing, building and delivering awesome digital experiences.

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Grinteq is a

technology first, digital e-commerce agency

dedicated to empowering brands with world-class design, software, and commerce expertise.
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From proof-of-concept to commercial project release, our agency establishes your brand digital e-commerce vision from the ground up. We draft the specs, plan a timeline, and deploy our top designers, software developers and managers to establish, maintain and continuously improve the experience for your customers.
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We are a tech-first agency, and we mean it. Have a vision? Know where your company needs to be? We get you thereby integrating the top 5% of design and software talent into your in-house teams to provide the fuel for your digital journey.
“The best experience we ever had working with an e-commerce agency in New York”
Jim, CTO of Fortune 500 company. Look how we dit it
Who we are
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We treat your project as if it was our own, we dive deep into the specifics, goals, and we study relationships you want to build with your customers. With that in mind, we match you with the best technology which will allow you to serve your customers better.
Our team consists of senior certified developers with 25 years of combined experience per team and a track record of supporting leading fashion and consumer goods brands. Rest assured your vision be implemented and delivered to customers in the most effective way.
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There is no one-fits-all solution, so we partnered with cutting edge solution providers to deliver best-in-breed experience. Let us help you exceed your customer’s expectations with such jaw-dropping tech like AR and Machine Learning.
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We take a structured approach to every problem. We break new challenges into a smaller set of problems in order to solve it. To do that, we listen to your problems, hopes & fears and act on it.
Featured cases
Stacktome is an EU-based company that develops a big data platform to improve customer retention and increase conversion rates.
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The customer faced a problem of finding local developers because he wanted to boost the company’s growth.
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Troverie is a large US-based online marketplace for luxury watches, working with Grinteq to deliver their e-commerce experience.
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Watchely is a mobile-first solution for the US market. The company is an expert in the luxury watch market and verifies luxury watch dealers to purchase from.
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Age of APIs
One of our clients from the New York-based brand came up to Grinteq with a need to create an API for their existing shoe e-commerce storefront.
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Payment integration
We cooperated with one of the most popular payment processors in the world.
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Lost in translation
We cooperated with an American premium clothing company whose aim was to create an e-commerce solution with multi-local web stores.
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