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We provide payment gateway development and online payment system integration services to ensure that your customers and partners have a failsafe purchasing experience.

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Build Unrivaled Checkout Experience

Enhance any aspect of your online payment systems, resulting in improved efficiency, security, and customer experience. From upgrading payment processing to improving fraud detection, Grinteq offers a range of solutions that can benefit B2B and B2C businesses across various industries.

Provide your customers with a number of versatile electronic payment methods for more flexibility and ease of use.
Ensure that your customers' information is protected with cutting-edge firewalls and encryption software.
Reap the benefits of improved checkout speeds and less hassle with a streamlined online payment processing.
Eliminate hidden fees and other extra expenditures related with integration of payment gateway.
Ensure your payment gateway is available in the countries where your clients are located.

Grinteq services: Designing cutting-edge payment technologies

To assist digital enterprises in creating and installing secure and efficient payment processing systems, we offer a variety of services, such as integration consultation, custom development, implementation of pre-built payment solutions, and app development.

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Payment gateway
integration consulting

Leverage our insightful expertise and direction in order to achieve a seamless integration of payment solutions into your business operations.

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Custom payment
gateway development

Grinteq develops one-of-a-kind payment solutions that are customized to meet the particular demands and necessities of a company.

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Payment Cartridge
and app development

We specialize in building robust and secure online payment applications that are tailored to meet the unique needs of ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Integrating pre-built
payment solutions

Integrating time-tested pre-built payment solutions can save time and resources for businesses looking to implement secure and reliable payment processing without developing from scratch.

With Ecommerce Platforms

One of the greatest challenges with payment gateway integration is understanding the different types of payment gateways and how they integrate with existing ecommerce platforms.  You can rely on our extensive knowledge of both platform-based development and payment processing to help you make the right decision.

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And more

Pick Best-in-class Gateway Payment Providers

Paypal integration service
Square payment integration
2checkout payment gateway integration
Stripe payment integration service
Amazon Pay integration
Amazon Pay
Authorize payment gateway integration
Braintree payment integration

Integrating reputable payment gateways into your online store's checkout process will help you maintain and grow your customer and partner base. Offer a secure and reliable payment experience that instills confidence and trust in your clientele.

What to Consider When Choosing Online Payment System

Consult with Grinteq's experts to determine which kind of digital payment will provide the best results for your enterprise.

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Safety and security

Data safety is top priority. Cut down on fraud by validating payment information for all parties engaged in the transactions. Grinteq picks a service provider that uses a reliable payment mechanism to ensure the protection of your data.

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Expert-led decision

We consider the range of the best payment options available, the checkout process, and the ease of setup. Integrating a payment gateway requires consideration of any restrictions or requirements from the provider, such as PCI compliance or recurring billing setup.

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Payment gateway fees, such as transaction fees, may increase the cost of each transaction, making it important to consider all costs when making a decision on which payment gateway to use for your ecommerce store.

Online Payment Integration Process With Grinteq

Grinteq’s comprehensive method for integrating payments includes identifying your company's requirements, creating interface designs, building software, integrating third-party systems, and testing the final product.

1. Analysis and discussion

Grinteq will work closely with you to understand your business needs and goals. This involves doing things like figuring out how big the project will be and looking for potential problems.

2. Project planning

Our project plan will define the integration project's scope, timeframe, and resources. We’ll determine which external services need to be integrated with the chosen payment gateway.

3. Design

Grinteq will tailor a solution to your needs based on the project plan and your input. Among these are database layout and the design of user interfaces.

4. Software development

We will develop and test the payment processing system in accordance with the specified requirements. This entails creating new software and incorporating third-party systems.

5. Implementing and testing

As soon as the solution is complete, Grinteq will integrate it with the client's current infrastructure and test it extensively to make sure it performs as expected. Any problems that have been discovered will be fixed at this point before the system is released.

Why Integrate Digital Payments With Grinteq

We have spent years integrating and testing different digital payment technologies, and as a result, we are aware of which ones will function properly for business. Our solution will be the one that strikes the ideal balance between effectiveness, user-friendliness, and safety.

Create Stellar Digital Payment Experience

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