Salesforce Commerce Cloud
The ecommerce industry is a fast-changing world of endless considerations, and it’s only getting more complex. Grinteq SF Commerce Cloud is here to plan, implement and support your digital vision.
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what we do

Grinteq is a company dedicated to bringing together senior developers from the top talent pools in US & Europe to solve ecommerce challenges.

We found a long-term solution in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud,
a comprehensive platform for businesses to manage their data, communicate with customers, and smoothly process online purchases.

why salesforce commerce cloud

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud has boomed in popularity within the last year. Currently boasting near-perfect customer satisfaction, it is flexible enough to meet the many facets of the online business process.

We dedicate a significant portion of our resources to streamlining the setup and adjustment of Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Grinteq Commerce Cloud department boasts experienced developers which make the Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience a smooth one. Let’s walk through the steps of our development process.

Building the Architecture

First thing’s first: there needs to be a clean plan. We work with you to plan the necessary solutions, taking a bird’s eye view of the entire process.

We strategize with you to select the necessary tools and configurations to suit your long-term goals. We like to keep things organized.

Onto Development*

After sketching out the necessary plans, it’s time to move onto development and tailor Salesforce CC development and customization
to your liking if necessary.

Integrating all the necessary third-party technology is one of the core aspects of the development process. These technologies range from dealing with customer-business relationship management to content to data cartridges.

Support Until the Job is Done

We are available to help you 24-7, 365 days a year either by phone or by email. We also schedule in-person visits for weeks at a time in case you need direct technical assistance.

Maintenance and Updates

After the rollout and deployment of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we provide consistent maintenance and updates if needed.

Simply put, our projects for us doesn’t end when the product is delivered: projects we deliver will be checked and tinkered with if need be to ensure everything is running smoothly.

* We also provide on-demand, part-/full- time development resources for your projects.

a trusted team

We believe that the strongest aspect of Grinteq is our stellar team.

Our team consists of masterminds —
Salesforce-certified senior developers and architects


The top 5% of senior developer talent in Europe


Risk-free: an accountable trial period where you determine
the resources that work for you


A core team of developers always adjustable to your liking


Transparent, accountable,
and flexible


Around-the-clock technical support


And always, 100% good vibes — Guaranteed

our proven track record
interested in hiring us?

At the end of the day, we’re a people company: we enjoy establishing personal relationships with our clients. That’s why the average duration of our commitment to clients is generally 1 and a half years or more.

So, do you have any ecommerce idea you want to make a reality? Reach out to us and let’s get it done.