Salesforce Commerce Cloud

We are here to make you stronger: join fashion brands - L'Oreal, Tommy Hilfiger - and award-winning digital agencies who created development teams with us.

what we do

Grinteq brings together senior developers from the top talent pools in the US & Europe to solve Salesforce Commerce Cloud challenges.

Cooperating with us is simple: we either deliver project fully or provide developers for you to work directly with. A quick call will help us determine what engagement models works best for your needs.

store development

Grinteq Commerce Cloud team is proud of our pros - certified developers who make the Salesforce Commerce Cloud experience implementation a smooth one. Let’s run through the steps of the development process.

Building the Architecture

First thing’s first: there needs to be a clear plan. Together with your team we work out and draft a solution to meet your specific needs, taking a holistic view of the entire process.

We strategize and select the most suitable tools and configurations to address your long-term goals. We like to keep things organized.

Onto Development*

After sketching out the necessary plans, we to move onto development and customize Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation. We generally recommend a team made up of a Technical Architect, Developers, a QA Expert, and a Project Manager.

Integration of the required third-party technology is one of the core aspects of the development process. It ranges from customer-business relationship management - to content - to data cartridges.

Support Until the Job is Done

We are there for you 24-7, 365 days a year either by phone or by email. If you ever need direct technical assistance, we easily arrange for in-person visits.

Maintenance and Updates

After the rollout and deployment of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, we provide constant maintenance and updates.

For us, our work does not end when the project is delivered: we always check on and rectify any issues to ensure everything runs smoothly.

* We also provide on-demand, part-/full- time development resources for your projects.

a trusted team

The strongest aspect of Grinteq SFCC is our stellar team.

A team of masterminds – Salesforce-certified senior developers and architects.


The top 5% of senior developer talent in the US & Europe


Risk-free: a trial period when you determine the resources that work for you


A core team of developers with specific skills to address your project’s needs


Accountable, transparent, and flexible team


Around-the-clock technical support


100% good vibes — always guaranteed

interested in hiring us?

At the end of the day, we’re a people company: we enjoy establishing personal relationships with our clients. That’s why the average duration of our commitment to clients is 1 and a half years on average. Fill out the form, we’ll be in touch in no time.