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The theme you choose for your Magento shop may not be pivotal, but it can’t be dismissed as insignificant. Don't settle for a generic look - let us help you create a unique and engaging storefront that will keep your customers coming back for more.

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Dress up your Magento

We, as developers, regard our duty as that of a detail-oriented tailor, fashioner — we want your store to be dressed to the nines.

More than aesthetics

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Engage more consumers with ease-of-use and user-friendliness — this is a must for every successful customer connection.

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Looking sharp

People tend to downplay aesthetics praising practicality, however the majority of purchases are made instinctively and on impulse.

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Every business has its very distinct message for the market — a custom Magento theme helps you to stand out.

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Technically stable

Correctly designed theme is very compliant and designed to be easily integrated.

Theme-related Magento services we offer

We have no worries about facing any technological obstacles that may arise in the course of ensuring that the Magento theme functions successfully.

Magento theme implementation

Our Magento gurus either build the theme from scratch or tweak a suitable theme for you from the options already available on the market. No-fuss, no-muss installation guaranteed.

Migration from third-party themes

Grinteq will change your site from old outfits to new ones to make it look sharp. All configurations, including pricing rules and dependencies, will be preserved.

Custom design

Our creative team will find the perfect look for your company that fits in with current trends without going overboard or under budget.

Sync APIs with Theme

APIs greatly improve the adaptability and scalability of an online shop's operations. We'll check to make sure they don't clash with the fresh theme concept.

Theme integration with Magento extensions

With the new theme, each and every plugin ought to function like a well-oiled machine.

Usability and navigation optimization

Researchers and senior engineers at Grinteq will put the site's user-friendliness and efficiency through their paces with a series of usability tests.

Why go with Grinteq

Quick and simple start-up
Design and development teams may be swiftly established and ramped up.
Your needs first
We put your requirements first, there is always our delicate POC around
Expertise par excellence
Our developers participated in developing leading Magento plugins and provided assistance to thousands of online shops.
We design future-proof ecommerce solutions, but we also keep track of issues in a timely way.
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