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Hire dedicated Magento developers from the top 5% Europe’s coding talent.

What we do
At Grinteq, we run a team of Magento-certified developers, software architects, and UX/UI designers to make your ecommerce vision come true. For any Magento-based project, we have the tools necessary to fuel the growth of your ecommerce project.

What sets us apart from the rest is that not only do we hire from a pool of expert Magento developers from the top talent within Europe, but we have two distinct models of engagement that provably work.
Delivery models
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Project based Magento development
From the very spark of an idea to your picture featured on the cover of business magazines following the commercial release, we stand beside your e-commerce project all the way on its journey to success. We plan out every detail, plot out the timeline, and then put together the best team of developers who will make it all happen.
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Extending team with Magento certified developers
The need to grow to keep pace with business is a terrific problem to have. With that in mind, easily bring in the best coding talent in Europe onto your in-house team. Grinteq handles the nitty gritty details of recruiting verified Magento developers. This frees up time and resources while giving you a top-level Magento development team under your complete control.
Team experience
Magento development
Magento Development
We assemble the top 5% of Europe’s senior developers to build your custom ecommerce project in Magento 2.
magento integration services
3rd Party Integrations
Because Magento is a multi-supportive platform, we are able to integrate your existing user experience with your ecommerce platform.
magento support
Support and Maintenance
Have an issue with your existing Magento ecommerce website? We’ll fix that for you, no problem.
Magento1 to Magento 2 migration
Magento Migrations
It’s about time to think about moving from good old Magento 1 to good new Magento 2. We help you make migration a fast and headache free experience.
“The whole cooperation was very smooth...”
Luxury retail start-up CEO Look how we dit it

Grinteq Magento department boasts experienced developers which make Magento Ecommerce experience a smooth one. Let’s walk through the steps of our development process.

First contact

Drop us a line and let us know all about your e-commerce project.


We’ll promptly respond with an engagement model that fits your needs.

Project based

Our senior Magento developers evaluate the parameters of the project. We also provide time/cost estimates along with the necessary tech stack.


We draft the deliverables and the roadmap. We initiate the crucial task of putting together a team of Magento-certified developers.

Project Begins

A contract is signed with the agreed-upon deliverables and milestones, along with a non-disclosure agreement. At this point, the project officially kicks off!


Commence development! The greatest of happenings! With weekly status updates and demo calls, we keep you up-to-date as we work on your Magento e-commerce project. We always stick to speedy test-driven development.


The project is completed, but we’ll never give you up or let you down. Our senior developers stick around for any maintenance, support, or further development needs that pop up.

Dedicated teams

We begin with an introductory call: our managers discuss specific requirements for your future team members. Next, we get down to work finding the right talent fit within our team/network.

Drafting the team

We come to you with a proposed dedicated team of developers. With that said, it’s you who ultimately interviews, evaluates and ends up giving final approval for each team member. If it’s not a perfect match we keep working until there is one.


We sign a contract and non-disclosure agreement. The trial month begins and so does the process of integrating our developers into your team! If for whatever reason any issues arise, then it’s back to step 3 until your team is completely comfortable with your new extended members.


As the work progresses, you can expect weekly feedback sessions. Once the wheels start turning, this becomes much less demanding as your dedicated coding team gets into the groove of things.

Performance Evaluations

At Grinteq, we do our part during the entire process. This entails conducting performance evaluations with your dedicated Magento developers. Also, if needs be, we organize trips or other activities to ensure your dedicated Magento development team integrates well with the rest of your team.


You can expect continued skill upgrades for as long as necessary, since we invest significant time into each of our dedicated Magento developers. From tech conferences to certifications, you can rest assured that there will always be growth on our side of things.

Trusted team

The strength of Grinteq really lies within our team. We boast:


The top 5% of senior developer talent from the US & Europe


A risk-free trial period while you figure out the resources that work best for your goals


Our core team of developers with the niche skill sets to cover all your project needs


An accountable, transparent, and flexible team


Around-the-clock technical support


100% positive energy — always guaranteed

Troverie is a large US-based online marketplace for luxury watches, working with Grinteq to deliver their e-commerce experience.
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