Magento support and maintenance

When it comes to running a successful ecommerce business on the Magento platform, having reliable support and maintenance is crucial. At Grinteq, we offer 24/7 Magento support and maintenance services to ensure that your store is always up and running smoothly.

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All-in Magento Support

Why is Magento so prevalent? From its open-source genesis, to PaaS model, to plenty of feature-rich add-ons, to future-proof scalability and extensibility – just to name a few of its trademarks. Grinteq is well-versed in all the little Magento intricacies.

Unleash the full Magento potential

Magento has everything to empower your brand and level up your ecommerce business. With Grinteq, you can completely count on obtaining assistance and fine-tuning for your Magento online shop in a way that is 100 percent stress-free and no-hassle.


We design and maintain custom-made Magento solutions.

Scale and extend

Let’s speed up and grow your Magento infrastructure, regardless of how large or small your enterprise is.

Performance improvement

We will gather and evaluate relevant data and performance indicators to develop a plan to increase your store's throughput.

Multi-channel support

Grinteq offers programmatic improvements to gain control over all communication channels bringing a huge boost in customer service.

Data-driven AI setting

Harnessing valuable data on customer behavior, we leverage Magento intelligence commerce to increase sales.

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Prime Magento Extensions

Extension selection consultancy

There are almost 6,000 extensions available in the Magento Marketplace that may improve your ecommerce site in various ways, such as by enhancing search functionality, catalog navigation, or facilitating the use of smart proxy apps to integrate with other services. We tested the best of them.

Extension development

Do you have a day-to-day routine you want to automate? Let’s design a custom Magento 2 module.

Proficiency Yields Maximum Results

Greater opportunities mean greater technical complexity. Grinteq's goal is to act as a hi-tech intermediary in your great ecommerce journey with Magento. Let us tackle all the dev-related tedious work your business might face along the way.

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Product Recommendations
Store Fulfillment
Payment Services
Integrated B2B functionality

Better Magento architecture and API maintenance

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Even while many modern online stores have mobile-friendly designs, they are often desktop-native. Shift to more flexible architecture solutions with Grinteq.

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We extensively use APIs and headless commerce for those who want to go farther than conventional e-commerce and reap its rewards.

Why partnering with Grinteq

We are attentive listeners with thoughtful follow-up questions.
We can assemble quickly and expand to meet your needs.
We provide prompt delivery of quality candidates.
Our Magento knowledge means hundreds of hours fine-tuning leading brands web stores.
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