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Salesforce development is the go-to solution for building top-notch apps and automating business processes on the Salesforce platform. Improve sales, boost productivity, and enhance customer service — all with our trusted skills and experience in Salesforce development services.

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All-in-one Salesforce Expertise

Why Salesforce Is The World’s #1 CRM

Hosted in the cloud
Small and growing business friendly
Simple to use
Enhanced project management
Reports, dashboards, AI analytics
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Employ Salesforce Clouds with Grinteq

Seamless data integration and scalable processes across all Salesforce clouds to make it work at full power.

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Commerce Cloud

Leverage a market-leading ecommerce platform with AI-enhanced personalization features to sell more successfully in various locations across the globe.

Financial Services Cloud

Employ the cloud to let your customers have an improved personalized experience with any financial task, be it corporate finance, risk management, or administrative routine.

Marketing Cloud (Pardot)

Let's build flawless customer experience by employing a variety of development tools, including Einstein AI-powered Journey, Audience, Content, and Analytics builders.

Service Cloud

Amplify your clients' experiences in a variety of ways, including automated workflows, AI-driven chatbots, and quick access to a massive knowledge base.

Sales Cloud

Increase sales by personalizing automation technologies. Let us configure the cloud so that you can make data-driven decisions with AI-enhanced opportunity and prediction management.

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Maximize Your Revenue with Salesforce

Ecommerce platform

Enhance your Salesforce ecosystem by letting Grinteq implement one of the most advanced ecommerce platforms on the market.

Order management system

Get full control over your orders, make your delivery more efficient and faster, and track stock levels in real time by implementing Salesforce’s OMS.

Payment gateway integration

Payment transactions are one of the most important and vulnerable points of the shopper’s journey. Grinteq will ensure the frictionless integration of reliable payment tools.

App development

The out-of-the-box functionality may not be enough, or you may have repetitive day-to-day tasks that you would like to automate. We will build the application to address your business goals.


There are many highly effective, time-tested services that are not part of the Salesforce ecosystem. Grinteq helps you seamlessly integrate the services you and your customers admire.


Is Salesforce a CRM system?

While Salesforce is best known for its CRM software, the company now offers a far broader range of SaaS subscription-based services designed to help organizations streamline and improve almost every facet of their operations. From the very beginning, Salesforce's goals centered on the company's expansion and the replenishment of its arsenal of services, clouds, and seamless integrations. Salesforce grew into a comprehensive cloud ecosystem, with a wide variety of services to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes and industries.


Why is Salesforce so popular among organizations?

Salesforce has become almost proverbial in the business world. It has long been associated with success and growth. By integrating more and more customers and services into its ecosystem, Salesforce managed to build an appealing powerhouse/hub where all dynamic enterprises want to be. Salesforce is essential if you want a bird's-eye view of your business's inner workings and a complete understanding of your clients. Business owners may have a better overview of all their leads and complete transactions quicker and easier by integrating different Salesforce clouds into their operations.


What is your process for developing applications on Salesforce?

The goal of the Salesforce application development is to power certain sales, marketing, and customer care operations that the out-of-the-box implementation of Salesforce cannot meet. Grinteq offers the development of robust, custom-made Salesforce applications and AppExchange apps that may be tailored to your company's needs. A standard procedure behind creating an app: consultancy, ideation, requirements collecting, prototype design, testing, implementation, and integration.


How many Salesforce developers will you be able to provide for my project?

The right answer — depending on the scale of the project, the required level of expertise and engineers’ level of seniority and experience. Normally, our Salesforce teams might have anywhere from one to eight developers involved. Our teams are agile and adaptable — we work within your timetable, procedures, and budgetary requirements.


Does Grinteq have a partnership with Salesforce? What does that imply for our working relationship?

As an approved Salesforce consulting partner, Grinteq will walk you through the setup process and give in-depth training to guarantee your workforce effectively embraces the Salesforce platform. We will assist your team in seeing beyond the hurdles of new technologies toward more successful deal closing.


How can I understand if you have necessary Salesforce expertise to address my challenges?

Grinteq is dedicated to providing first-rate service. Our staff are seasoned big-time developers, who are mostly senior-level experts. You will have access to every possible and needed record, including CVs, certificates, portfolios, and so on. We highly value and encourage our professionals to stay in shape by consistently demonstrating their competence on client projects and upgrading their skillset with Salesforce certification. Which, among other things, demonstrates their ability to address complex modern-day technical challenges with the proficiency that comes from training and everyday hands-on experience.


What is the easiest way to assign Grinteq to my projects?

As easy as it can be — hit ‘Contact Us’ button, or any action button on the required service page. Get your all-encompassing consultancy. And start co-creating valuable technical environment with us. At Grinteq, it’s our top priority to find those for your project who will not feel like contractors but, on the contrary, as important members of your team.

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