Salesforce Support & Maintenance

Grinteq offers Salesforce support and maintenance services to fine-tuning every aspect of Salesforce ecosystem. Ensure that it is in perfect harmony with your objectives.

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Salesforce Support with Grinteq

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Your needs first

We design our process around your business goals and the outcomes you're hoping to achieve.

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No eyewashing, you can have a 360 view of the process without any effort.

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Always ready, always steady: ramp up and launch in record speed with our assistance.

Certified old stagers

Experienced engineers and administrators to share any Salesforce secrets.

All-in Salesforce Support

Salesforce is already in every place your business could touch. Everything to do with customers is taken care of. Let us cover everything tech-related so you can laser-focus on your customers.

Dedicated Salesforce development team
From basic tasks to complex tech issues
Amplified Salesforce capacity
Improved customer experience
Your company resources saved

Salesforce Clouds Maintenance

Salesforce is known for its countess cloud services, but in order to juggle all of them successfully, a good expert is required. Even better, when there are masters for each specific service, since the bulk of these services came from various technological roots. Grinteq has subject matter experts available in every area of Salesforce.

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Marketing Cloud

Use marketing automation and next-generation analytics to boost your email, mobile, and social media marketing. Control your calendar and mailing lists with ease.

Sales Cloud

Utilize real-time data to get optimal results, closing deals faster with insightful AI-powered intelligence. Maximize productivity through improving automation, data collection, and analytics.

Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, you can automate every step of the service process to scale it up. Communicate in real time via several channels, using AI to add personalisation to every interaction.

Commerce Cloud

Increase the value of your Salesforce ecosystem by including a tried-and-true ecommerce platform trusted by industry leaders. Automation and flexible tools will allow you to admin efficiently.

Experience Cloud

Offer your customers AI-tailored personalized information. Deliver consistent experiences for customers across the company's many touchpoints (sales, service, marketing, commerce, etc.).

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Salesforce Maintenance Pros

Take full control of Salesforce

As Salesforce experts, it is our duty to instruct you on the infinite potential of this ecosystem.You can be certain that your company is maximizing its Salesforce investment with our help.

Boost operational efficiency

Our dedicated development team will provide you with the leverage you need in order to significantly broaden the scope and size of your operations.

Streamline admin experience

A stressful and unsettling environment might result in employee burnout. We will set up Salesforce for your personnel so that nothing distracts them from focusing on customer activity.

Fastly adapt to ever-evolving customer demands

Customers can be picky about how easy services are to use. With Grinteq support team, you can rest assured that any emerging technical issues are addressed promptly.

Create deeper connections with your clientele

Salesforce is a game-changer in the way customer relationships are managed in the digital age. However, it may be challenging to access cutting-edge CRM N1 innovations due to a lack of tech expertise. That's why you have us.

Salesforce Products We Work With

Salesforce is continually developing new products that have the potential to disrupt CRM technology and shake up the industry status quo.

Customer 360
B2B Lightning
Order Management

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