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Salesforce consulting is the surefire way to get expert advice and support to maximize your company's potential on the Salesforce platform, which goes far beyond a traditional CRM. It provides tools for every facet of establishing and growing an online presence. Want to make the most of Salesforce?

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Why Salesforce is #1 CRM

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Salesforce's cutting-edge client data management and advanced analytics let you quickly identify the best course of action for each and every lead.

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You won't have to bother about collecting information from a multiplicity of sources. Let's customize your Salesforce so that it operates as a single source of truth.

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Cloud computing

With our assistance, scaling the Salesforce environment to accommodate your expanding organization will be a breeze, no matter how large or small it is.

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AI-powered features

AI is indispensable today: it enables improved process optimization and high-quality analytics at remarkably increased speed and clarity.

salesforce Challenges we tackle

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Unstable sales procedure

The Salesforce name should speak for itself, and if you are concerned about the quality of the sales process, we will assist you in determining what went wrong.

Bad customer service quality

We will guide you in streamlining your work with customers and choosing solutions that will provide the utmost convenience for them.

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Low percentage
of converted leads

Lead conversion should be easier with all the capabilities that Salesforce provides - if it isn't, let's figure out why.

Boost Salesforce with Grinteq

Grinteq is here to assist you in working through any issues that you may be facing during your journey with Salesforce.

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Performance improvement

Salesforce effectiveness Audit

Let's see whether your Salesforce functions at full capacity, addresses your objectives, and can be optimized.

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Certified Salesforce Consultancy

Grinteq provides a comprehensive variety of consultancy and maintenance procedures for your Salesforce project, regardless of its complexity or size.

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Defining objectives

Your business objectives are our number one priority. Grinteq has extensive knowledge and insight on the best Salesforce tools for ensuring your company's success.


Our software engineers will appropriately prioritize tasks and estimate their completion times accurately.

Selecting services
and products

After weighting the advantages and downsides of a wide range of Salesforce services and products, we recommend you the best.


Let's work together to create a future-proof Salesforce environment that will enable you to achieve painless growth and simply acquire new clients.


Keeping your Salesforce environment in excellent health under the watchful eye of seasoned professionals is the best way to avoid getting into technical debts.

Salesforce Products we work with

Salesforce is a software that connects all the dots for your business. We have concise expertise on most of of the Salesforce products, and we know how to sew them together properly.

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Salesforce Marketing
Salesforce Genie
Salesforce Sales
Salesforce Service
Einstein Intelligence
Lightning app development

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