Magento Migration Services

Why not go from the past to the present with all the required ease? Grinteq has an advanced time machine and is always pleased to give your brand a lift.

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Present Magento

Magento 1 was a fantastic piece of software, just as Windows 7 or Photoshop CS; but can we still use these software with confidence and comfort? Today, we have Magento 2, and with each new version, it covers a broader spectrum of merchant and admin demands and provides more ease to clients.

Why consider migrating to magento

Traffic issues
“Mobile-second” by design
Cybersecurity problems
Outdated inconvenient Admin panel
Difficulties when implementing innovations, new features and updates
Difficulties when integrating multiple 3rd party services
Harder to fix bugs
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Why leaving off Magento 1 for Magento 2

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An online store's efficiency may be increased by more than 20% by upgrading to Magento 2. Services like Amazon Payments, Braintree, and PayPal are integrated seamlessly.

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Notably faster

As a whole, Magento 2 websites run much more quickly. The new and improved server response time is ten times as quick. With Magento 2, you'll notice an over 50% improvement in front-end speed.

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More capacity

With M2, you can process over 600 orders per hour in your online shop, allowing for more throughput. An infrastructure built on maximizing the potential of themes and modules is provided.

Magento Migration Process
with Grinteq

Step 1

Unique migration journey

We thoroughly analyze your requirements, anticipations, your tech legacy, your product line. We test your set of products and attributes on M2, based - and design the most optimal and painless migration journey

Step 2

No-hassle data migration

Data is precious (especially when it comes to orders, invoices, price rules) - we will ensure that everything not only remains intact during the migration, but also functions properly with the M2 ecosystem

Step 3

Plugin migration

We are well versed in magento plugins (some of the bestsellers were made by the hands of our specialists). We will evaluate your collection to see what is worth leaving and what is set in M2 by default.

Step 4

Software testing, QA

Grinteq tests the performance, speed, responsiveness, and compatibility of all plugins in the new configuration. We will repair all flaws and polish to a high sheen.

Step 5

Theme migration

Magento theme choice is pivotal and can play a decisive role for some businesses. We migrate themes or recommend more efficient variants for M2.

Step 6

24/7 support

We will help you settle down in a new Magento 2 place, get used to the new environment until you are guaranteed to feel at home.

One Step

Migration to M2 is a step forward in your quest for more customers, a better environment for your administrators, and easy contemporary tools for your engineers. Grinteq, for its part, takes every effort to make M2 fully accessible to you.

Better SEO + optimization
Next-gen functionality
Better, admin-friendly UX
More versatile architecture
More payment integrations

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