Mobile App Development Services

We develop custom mobile apps tailored to your business's unique demands. Deliver your customers a seamless mobile journey that scales effectively to any screen size, operating system, or device.

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Custom Mobile app development

We build both consumer and corporate applications of varying degrees of complexity, with an emphasis on state-of-the-art UX. No worries, you and your clientele won’t need an art degree to appreciate this.


Swift, Objective-C

Two words really matter when developing iOS apps — user experience, and we mean it. We follow Apple's design guidelines except for originality and artistry. That's where we break the rules!


Java, Kotlin, Python

We take every measure — code and resource shrinking, obfuscation — and go the extra mile, perfecting CX, to ensure that your app is as competitive and noticeable as possible among the ocean of Android apps.


React Native, Flutter, Xamarin

Designing cross-platform apps, our team makes platform compatibility and performance a top priority. As a rule of thumb, we maintain a frequently updated development environment and appropriate tools.

Industry-specific mobile app solutions

Grinteq will go meticulously, from top to bottom in the norms and constraints of your sector to craft an optimal solution.
The process is similar to that of a tailor sewing tuxedo for a client’s red-carpet moment; we take every unique measurement and need of your business into account.

Fintech solutions
Video streaming
SaaS applications
And more

Mobile app development services, end-to-end delivery

Research & development

Next-gen mobile app development, which depends on cutting-edge technology and novel concepts, cannot avoid the creative and experimental trial-and-error process. For us, arguably the most thrilling part, and you’ll play a remarkable role in it.

UX/UI design

The keyword is friendly. Admin-friendly, user-friendly, anybody-friendly - designing a friendly and intuitive interface that enhances overall user experience and engagement with the app goes without saying.

Quality assurance

Through a battery of tests and debugging, we guarantee that your final-cut mobile application is up to snuff and runs seamlessly across all supported platforms and devices.

Maintenance & support

Your app runs smoothly, and you’re breathing evenly. Proper and efficient operation of your app is our duty #1. Timely updates, troubleshooting, bug fixing, and.. coffee refills - another day with Grinteq.

why develop mobile apps with grinteq

We like to come up with one-of-a-kind mobile solutions, the benefits of which will be readily apparent to you in the shape of enhanced outcomes and to customers or the team in the form of the product's friendliness and ease-of-use.

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