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Shopify Development

Let's build a highly performing ecommerce website at very cost-effective rates with Shopify.

Why Shopify

Shopify is a cloud-based and highly-scalable platform for those who want to incorporate quality, simplicity, and extensive functionality. With Shopify, you'll get hundreds of built-in features, apps, and themes to start, market, and manage your business.

Why Grinteq

Grinteq works with Shopify to create customized ecommerce websites and experiences for brands. Focusing on user-centric design and bespoke functionality, we will help you create a fabulous customer journey throughout the entire shopping process.

Shopify Web Development

Exceptional ease-of-use

Use Shopify's simplicity backed with our expertise to eliminate any technical obstacles on your path.

Shopify App Development

Advanced automation

Shopify allows you to streamline most of your mundane tasks - and Grinteq knows how to do it most effectively.

Shopify Plus Development

Scalability & extensibility

Expand your reach globally and scale effortlessly with the assistance of our seasoned developers and architects.

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Shopify Plus Development


Reach a global audience and increase sales by accepting digital payments and displaying prices in several currencies.


Leverage tiered pricing, purchasing limits, and customer-specific pricing; manage access and provide simplified ordering for your wholesale clientele.


Let's put to work the 'checkout extensibility' function, which allows for extensive formatting, scripting, personalized messages, and specialized fields, to gain more control over the checkout process.


Easily organize and schedule promo events like product drops and flash offers, increasing revenue and saving time.

Scripts / Flow

Let Grinteq automate your operations and routines while also fine-tuning and enhancing certain aspects of your online shops.

Shopify development Services

website design

Create a unique and thrilling user experience to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

theme customization

Develop a brand new look adhering to your brand aesthetic, exceeding your customers' expectations.


Add the best features to your store or create a custom product integration to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Shopify app

Build a custom app for the Shopify marketplace or unlock additional capabilities and features.


Revolutionize your digital presence with a smooth, safe, and fast migration to Shopify.

Shopify site maintenance and support

Keep your Shopify site running at peak performance with ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

add Shopify buy button, anywhere

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Let’s make any piece of your content shoppable, adding Shopify’s Buy Button to your social media, blog, video and image content. Allow customers to purchase directly from where they’re browsing, increasing sales and customer engagement.

Shopify Plus pricing and review - A Free Guide

Why go with Shopify Plus

Explore the main benefits and the technology stack behind Shopify Plus.

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