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Grinteq’s ecommerce replatforming services handles all your website migration needs so you can get back to focusing on what’s important.

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Time For Replatforming?

Enhance any aspect of your online payment systems, resulting in improved efficiency, security, and customer experience. From upgrading payment processing to improving fraud detection, Grinteq offers a range of solutions that can benefit B2B and B2C businesses across various industries.

You want to add more functionality to your web store
You want to make your store more user-friendly
You want to reduce costs on platform maintenance
Your current ecommerce platform doesn’t run optimally
You want to boost ROI and increase sales

Unlock Your Growth With Best-fit Ecommerce Platform

Benefit from the latest technologies, features, and customization options, and you can start enjoying the modern and secure platform tailored to your unique needs.

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New markets

Move from a deprecated ecommerce platform and expand to new markets

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Advanced tech

Leverage scalability and personalization opportunities to deliver an exceptional experience to your clientele


Reduced costs

Reduce maintenance costs, boost ROI, and increase sales

Industry-defining Platforms Tailored To Your Ambitions

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With SFCC platform, you can ramp up your operations, expand your catalog, and showcase and sell a bigger variety of products. Take advantage of the AI capabilities, personalize customer interactions, and integrate easily with cutting-edge technologies.

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Adobe Commerce / Magento

Adobe Commerce (Magento) migration with Grinteq grants robust tools for managing complicated ecommerce businesses. The platform offers powerful marketing capabilities, individualized customer experiences, versatile analytic and reporting tools.

Shopify Plus

By migrating to Shopify Plus, online merchants can get a scalable and secure ecommerce infrastructure with access to advanced features, personalized support, and a wide range of integrations. The platform can handle a large volume of traffic and orders.

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By migrating to one of the most admin-friendly platforms with us, website management becomes a breeze for non-tech users. This is particularly useful for small firms seeking to save on web development expenses.


WooCommerce is a highly customizable and SEO-friendly solution ideal for SMEs. Migration to this platform offers up thousands of plugins and extensions to help companies modify their websites.

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Ecommerce website migration Process with grinteq

Step 1

Analysis and research

Analyzing your current ecommerce platform and identifying areas for improvement. Researching potential platform migration options and selecting the best fit for your business.

Step 2

Data migration

Migrating your ecommerce data and content to the new platform: your product catalog, customer data, orders, and other important information.

Step 3

Design and customization

Altering the look and feel of your online store to fit the new platform. Using the new platform's features and tools to your business’s advantage.

Step 4


Extensive testing for problems and conflicts. Verifying the accuracy of your site's product listings, order management, and payment methods.

Step 5


Launching the new platform and monitoring performance. Starting to drive traffic and sales.

Replatforming Hurdles Addressed Easily

At Grinteq, we understand the risks involved with ecommerce replatforming, and we provide a complete solution that ensures a smooth transition.

Data transfer

Migrating data such as product information, customer and order information can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s we rely on innovative data migration tools to automate the transfer process, making it quicker and more efficient.

Compatibility issues

Ensuring that the new platform is compatible with the existing system and software can be a challenge. That’s why we check if there are any issues with integrating the new platform with your existing software and systems ahead of time.

Security risks

Moving data from one platform to another can involve potential security risks, so it is important to consider security measures when migrating. That’s why we implement security protocols and use data encryption.

Technical complexity

Migrating from one platform to another can involve complex technical processes, which can be difficult to manage without the right expertise. That’s why we have senior-level certified developers on board.

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Enhance your ecommerce replatforming journey

RFP & project planning

Our services include requirements gathering, RFP preparation, project planning, and management, and ecommerce replatforming counseling and training.

Best-pick tech stack

We use our ecommerce expertise to provide personalized, results-driven solutions for each customer by assessing your platform technology, business processes, issues, and goals.

Headless & frontend design

Our team efficiently adapts the ecommerce platform structure to client-specific user experiences. We personalize and customize through quick prototyping, wireframes, user interface designs, etc

Future-proof integrations

Our best-in-class technologies are extensively connected across all channels and other ecommerce services, allowing target marketing and profitable development.

Why Ecommerce Replatforming With Grinteq

Grinteq is an ecommerce agency with top-notch certified developers specialized in migrating ecommerce websites to a more dynamic and productive environment. Our team will ensure that your website transitions smoothly to a new platform while unlocking its full potential, allowing you to manage operations more efficiently, and go global.

Migrate Your Ecommerce Site Stress-free

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