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We started Grinteq in 2016 with a modest team of 3 people. Since then, things have really started to pick up, to say the least — today, we boast a team of 25 or so developers, designers, and business-minded folks. Take a look at the many personalities that make up our team here. We currently have offices in both Belarus and recently opened up one in New York City.

Grinteq uses the top 5% of senior development talent in Europe to meet your coding needs. We will personally put together your development team and integrate them into your company's process. With a focus on commitment, we generally spend 1.5 years with the companies we work with and even organize trips to meet in-person so we can get everything right.
The end result? You get the development resources you need on a timetable that suits you all while retaining full control of the process.

Sometimes, you and your developer(s) might not click. That happens, and it's got nothing to do with neither you or us.

However, we make it so that there's no risk for you — we'll arrange for a better fit the moment you say so. Easy.

Oof, that's not an easy question to answer. We employ only top senior developers, vetted and certified by us. As you might expect, that doesn't come cheap and hourly rates depend on the developer, terms of cooperation, project length, and so on.
Check in with us — we'll evaluate what you need and come up with an offer that we can both agree on.

Here at Grinteq, we charge a monthly service fee which is the hourly rate x the number of hours worked.
The best part? You only pay **after** the service is provided when we're sure you're satisfied. Nothing is paid upfront.

Don't forget, developers work directly for you when you partner with Grinteq. So, the rights to all the architecture and code developed through Grinteq officially belong to you.
This is clearly outlined in our standard service agreement which we sign with every client.

Most of our developers are located in our offices in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia, however approximately 30% of our developers work remotely.
The broad swath of our talent pool means which can tap into the top 5% of talent available in the region. We also have extremely cold winters in our part of the hemisphere, so there's not much to do but code everyday.

Either you or us! It's up to you.
If all you need is dedicated developers and can manage everything yourself, great — that's fine by us. We'll just connect you with a senior developer who'll work directly with your CTO or team lead.
If you need us to manage your project, no worries! We'll make sure your assigned developers are meeting benchmarks every step of the way and will ensure that the entire process is running smoothly.

We at Grinteq believe in agile software development: this means that our approach is flexible, self-organizing, cross-functional, and is always ready to resolve the unexpected.
How do we organize our communications? It's nothing out of the ordinary: Jira, Git, Slack, Hangouts, Zoom for conference calls, and so on. We like getting the team together.

Sometimes you need to synchronize strategies with your developer in person. We understand that.
We arrange lengthy trips for our developers so they can come directly to the client's office for 1-6 weeks. We find that these in-person meetings are great for team-building, planning, and closer cooperation.

Honestly, it all depends, but generally yes, it does.
The best way to gauge this is if your work process already allows for in-house developers to work remotely. If your organization is already "remote ready," then it's a whole lot easier to organize a development team with us. Even if you're not familiar with this kind of stuff, we can make it work according to your schedule.

There is a standard trial period of 1 month which is extendable to up to 3 months.
During this time, you can cancel our relationship within a 3-day notice. However, truth be told, this has never happened to us (knock on wood).

How are we different? Well, we utilize the top 5% of talent in our unique part of the globe. Developers love us because we don't beat around the bush with endless, boring meetings. Clients love us because we deliver every time. We like to keep things simple.
Simply put, we take a different approach but, most importantly, we zero in on your coding concerns and stay focused the whole way through.

Great, you're in for a treat. Getting started is easy.
Just fill out our contact form and mention some details about what you're looking for. We'll get in touch with you sooner than you'd expect.

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