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Delivery Team Extension

Are you recruiters?

A simple answer is – no. Grinteq is a digital agency and we do have a strong internal team that we can source to our clients ASAP. In case you are looking for a candidate(-s) with a particular tech stack and all of our suitable specialists are currently engaged on other projects – we turn to recruitment and look for only senior and certified developers through our recommendations network.

Can you cover my time zone?

Grinteq team is fully remote and international. Hence, there’re no time zones and borders for us. We have worked with clients from the US, Europe, and even Australia. So, yes, we can!

Are there any other costs in addition to devs’ rates?

The rate for the developer is final, there are no additional costs such as PTO, insurance, allowance, or any other agency fees.

How do you verify developers before submitting them to us?

Before joining our team, each developer goes through a 2-step confirmation process. First, our trained HRs verify experience and soft skills. Then it’s time for the technical interview with the tech lead, who carefully examines each engineer in what can they technically do. Оnly bright minds can pass this challenge, believe us.

Do you have a trial period?

We want to make the process as easy as possible for you to be relaxed and have an opportunity to access the progress and the results as per your objectives. So, yes, we have a 1-month trial period for each hired developer, during which you can cancel the relationships within a 5 days notice and employ the one who perfectly matches your requirements.

Can I replace the developer?

They love dogs, and you love cats - we know, sometimes it happens. Here at Grinteq, if at any point you change your mind, we will find someone with the right fit. Let’s just talk. The default process begins with a notice. After receiving it, we start searching for a replacement as soon as possible. Luckily, this case rarely happens ;)

How much time do you need to provide the developer from your team?

In most cases, our developers are available ASAP or in a couple of weeks.

How do developers traсk their working hours?

Our team enjoys working with Toggle Track, but developers can easily be integrated into your company's time tracking systems. We’re really flexible.

Can I hire the developer for the short term, like 3 months?

If the scope looks realistic, let’s go!

Are there any juniors in your team, or are there only seniors?

We focus on quality delivery, so most of our developers are Middle+/Senior/Lead level specialists. But we can hire a junior if that’s what you need.

End-to-end Project Delivery

Do you have any upfront payments?

No, we don’t. The payment is made after the work/stage (depending on the agreement) is completed, and you are fully satisfied with its quality.

Which documents do you usually sign?

Usually, we sign the Vendor Services Agreement, Statement of Work, and Non-Disclosure Agreement, but if you need additional documents for signature, our digital pen is ready.

Do I have to pay for the project estimation?

Definitely not, project estimations are free.

How much time the estimation will take?

It depends on the size of the project and the detalization of requirements you already have. Usually, estimations take no longer than one week.

Can I have my designer/PM work with your dev team?

Sure, you can!

Will I have direct communication with the development team?

We suggest communicating via email/shared Slack channel as we believe it’s the most effective way of exchange between the client and the development team. However, as always, we don’t mind adjusting to your preferred channel of communications.

How I can track project progress, and tasks?

We use Jira/Notion for task tracking. Also, we have sync calls between clients and our development team.

Is it possible to have a project created using technologies not listed on your website?

In case you haven’t found what you were looking for – please get in touch, and let’s discuss your needs. We really go mad about innovations and tech, and we think ecommerce experience evolves every day.

Who owns the property rights once the project is completed?

The client has all the rights and kudos over the final product.

Drop us a line, and we will come up with some well-fit options for your project.

Thank you!

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