Java Engineer


We are looking for an Experienced Back-End Java / Groovy Developer to lead a team of senior software developers in the building of API Microservices utilizing a standard Groovy + Spring Boot technology stack. Additionally, participate and lead the transformation of the API team to participate in full stack development.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Automated testing best practices as a part of your development methodology.
  • Assisting and holding a team of Senior Developers accountable to commitments.
  • Using common enterprise-level development best practices.
  • Problem-solving strategically within the context of the project delivery goals.
  • Orienting delivery goals (features, quality, timeline) towards the customer’s needs.
  • Facilitating respectful debate within a team and find a solution as a team.

Qualifications and skills

  • 10+ years of professional experience developing enterprise-grade applications.
  • 5+ years of experience as a senior team lead.
  • 5+ years of experience participating within an Agile methodology.
  • Groovy.
  • Spring Boot API Microservices (latest version).
  • Spring Components: Security/OAUTH2, API Gateway, Eureka.
  • Spock Testing / Postman API functional testing.
  • MongoDb.
  • Docker hosted within AWS ECS
  • Experience partnering and communicating with external customers

What we offer

  • A decent salary level, which allows you to think about our mutual success and not about tomorrow.
  • Flexible working hours. You create your own schedule.
  • Possibility to work remotely. You prefer home office or traveling around? Easy, that's exactly how we operate.

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