Grinteq in Top Salesforce Consulting Companies

Grinteq is pleased to announce that it has been recognized by SuperbCompanies, an accolade that commends quality and innovation in the industry, as one of the top consulting leaders of 2023.

This prestigious award has been secured through the use of cutting-edge technologies and consistent delivery of quality consulting services.

Our team members’ dedication, expertise and insatiable quest for perfection have led us to this unbelievable accomplishment. It means that we constantly aim at exceeding set limits and setting new standards in our field when we are referred to as one among the leading figures.

Without tireless efforts from our clients, partners and the incredible Grinteq staff who worked so hard to help us achieve this success, this great milestone would not have been reached.

Expect more breakthroughs from Grinteq as we continue redefining consultancy excellence! Check our services here.