Batman vs Dedicated teams: who wins in the fight with pandemic

Let’s pretend you live in Gotham City. (The nice part) And let’s pretend it’s 2020. (The not nice part)

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The city shuts down, but your employer, Wayne Enterprises, still has a business to run. And lucky you, you’re selected to shift everything to online.

Real world or fictional, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc with businesses — and there are three ways you can adapt to remain as productive as you were before budgets, bridges, and businesses were all locked down.

1) Outsource your project to agency (check outsourced IT costs)
2) Build a dedicated remote team
3) Hire a superhero

The choice is yours

Now, sticking with our Wayne Enterprises scenario, let’s say that, during this global pandemic shift, you had to choose between a hiring team, an agency, or a freelancer named Batman.

And while, yes, this is a fun way to look at things, the knowledge bombs we’re about to drop are based on our real-world experience of building more than 27 (twenty seven!) remote teams. So we’ve learned a thing or two about what this actually looks like.

Now, The Dark Knight is no stranger to danger and he’s a tech wiz. I mean, have you seen The Batcave? Its computers have computers!

But how does he stack up against your other options?

Would a guy who can seemingly do anything be your best bet during a lockdown? Or would you be better off with a dedicated team or agency?

To clarify:

Dedicated teams 👯: Software engineers working from anywhere on
a third-party payroll who you integrate into your team

Agencies 🏢 that handle your entire project

Batman 🦇: Solo freelancer hired for individual projects with strong skills in certain areas

Let's compare the pros and cons.

Each section is worth three points. Because it’s more fun to judge.

1. Level and quality of expertise: How well can each handle your task?

Dedicated teams vs Development Agency comparison

2. The Management Process: How easy are they to work with?

Dedicated teams vs Development Agency comparison

3. Flexibility During the Pandemic and Other World Crashes: How adaptable are the people you’ll rely on?

Dedicated teams vs Development Agency comparison

Total scores

Dedicated teams vs Development Agency comparison

According to our batmath, having your own dedicated remote team wins, hands down. If you want a group who can keep calm and carry on, even during a pandemic, you won’t find a better bunch than these guys.

Dedicated teams carry the same benefits as hiring a remote employee, but now you get the whole squad of professionals.

Agencies might work — but it depends on factors outside your control. Even if they do, you’ll be adding a new layer of issues to your project: Dealing with their new ways of working.

And freelancing heroes? We love these guys (even ones like Superman who wear their underwear on the outside), but many of them are too busy to work much because villains are their main interest. They could perform only small tasks for you.

We’re not guessing here. We’ve built more than 25 remote teams. Having a dedicated group of experts committed to your goals is essential to rapid change. And it works in any climate.

It’s like having your own mini Justice League — only without all the rubber suits.

And if you’ve realized your business needs a team of experts to help you make the fast switch to digital… We happen to know a great place to start.

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