How to properly decorate your 2023 New Year’s eve tree

2022 in review: top of the pop Grinteq’s content.

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...Phew, we're saying goodbye to the year of 2022.

You are probably already feeling a bit worn out and would want to take a moment to catch your breath as the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the New Year takes a lot of energy.

Here is an easy meditation exercise that doesn't include any harmful substances to help you relax and unwind. Such meditative routines or rituals -- relying on posh Instagram therapists -- help a lot in times of stress.

And, since we're counting down the days until Christmas and the New Year, you know what kind of ritual we are talking about, don’t you?

Sure as can be: we invite you to decorate our New Year’s eve tree - we would like to get you into the holiday spirit and along the way to share our favorite 2022 pieces of content. 

For this awesome-sauce experience we’ll probably need a pretty big festive tree to handle all the ornaments we've gathered for you.  

Alright, so let's get going. 

Salesforce garlands

First off, since Grinteq is a reputable Salesforce partner and spends a lot of time implementing and supporting the technology, we have prepared several garlands stylized as Salesforce top picks.

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    Check out what are some of the top 3rd party Salesforce integrations and what are the ways to manage these integrations efficiently. Also, what is the best glue to use to stick your ERP to your Salesforce.

Having added these two garlands to our tree made it a little more festive. However, our creative craze is just beginning.

Now, we have some silk ribbons and bows to really get you into the NY mood.

If your main focus is ecommerce: one thing alone may be signified by the usage of such ornaments as these luxurious bows and ribbons – the go-to of all Milan's finest haute couture and fashion houses – the Commerce Cloud.

Oh, we see you're curious and want details. 

The classic glass balls for shining ecommerce

Why haven't we decorated the tree with the classic glass balls yet? We got them as well.

Want to know everything related to ecommerce and the other excursions that go along with it? 

Integrated ecommerce snowflake ornaments

Alright, how’s our tree doing? Pretty cool though there’s yet extra space for some content bling-bling.

Here are handmade toys and snowflake ornaments to make you feel warm and cozy.

And, for a whimsical, yet elegant look, let's add some stars and music bells ornaments.

You can say our guys are geeks when it comes to payment gateways. “You can take it to the bank!”

And last but not least: if there is still such a heartless person who is not touched by the beauty of our festive content tree, let this cynic be bowled over by the grandiosity of our unique content-decor element (to be placed on the very top).

Top ecommerce insights 2022

What about Santa?

And, finally, here is our hohoho-Santa 🎅🏻 – a podcast with Matt Hudson who talks about the future of M-commerce.

All in all, how about some best wishes for the New Year?

Looking forward to seeing you again in the next year. Stay tuned.

Yours Grinteq.