Dedicated Development Team
Dedicated developers team to take care of the programming needs, quickly deployed, cost effectively managed. We assemble a team of handpicked developers, who align with your company code development practices and reckless spirit. The team we build for you is fully integrated into your company development process: you communicate directly with developers and retain total control.
Your team is here to stay, that's why average time of our commitment is 1.5 years, with no duration limits. And don't worry about being disconnected from your team, Grinteq organizes 1-2 month trips for our developers to come to the clients office and connect on all levels.
Perfect fit
We match you with the developer, who shares your views on code development practices and is fully aligned with you in terms of work process. 100% Good vibes guarantee.
We can help you organize code development strategy in a most efficient way, best practices carried over from our prior experience (we are huge fans of TDD by the way).
We are ready to scale your team up and down in weeks time. You focus on creating your product, we - on keeping your team in a size and expertise which fits your demand.
Quick start up
On average, it takes around 14 days from the point of initial contact to the moment where you have your dedicated developer (s) signed up for your project.
We sign strict NDA and tend to organize development with as few access to personal data as possible.
Team building
We organize team building and educational events on your behalf.
Drop us a few lines about what developer you are looking for.
We follow up within 24 hours to discuss the details/ scope/ duration.
You get hand picked, filtered profiles of potential developers.
Appropriate developers go through your interview/vetting process.
Selected candidate (s) start the trial month.