Dedicated teams

We grow teams with Europe’s top 5% of senior software developers.

What we do
Whether you start a project from scratch or thinking about extending your existing team – we help you build teams of software developers, expert architects, and first-class UI/UX designers. In other words, gurus in their fields, giving your project a needed boost.
Perfect fit
Budget-friendly and ‘Perfect Fit’ approach.
Quick start and flexible team scaling up or down.
Complete confidentiality and security.
Transparent and direct communication throughout the project.
A pool of Europe’s top 5% skilled and experienced developers.
Total control over the team and project deliverables.
Full ownership of code intellectual property rights.
Team building
We organize team building and educational events on your behalf.
Team experience
I’ve never worked with another team that was as adjustable or cohesive as they were.
Evaldas, Stacktome Look how we dit it
Getting in touch

Reach out and tell us about the project you are about to start. The more detail we get - the easier it is for us to understand the vision for the dedicated team you have in mind, and what sort of developers you need.


We instantly come back with time and cost model that works best for you.


We start looking for dedicated development team members. We sift through our in-house team and our network, searching for software developers with the right skills and talents.

Developers sign-off

We suggest a list of vetted developers for your future dedicated team - all tested practitioners in the technology you go after. You interview, evaluate and subsequently approve each developer. If no candidate is a perfect match - we arrange for further search.


We sign a contract and an NDA. During the trial month, the selected developers start to integrate into the team and get down to work. Still, if for any reason you’d like to change the team composition, we are back to step 3.


From the first day of the project, you can expect weekly feedback sessions. Communication is a must. As soon as you feel comfortable with the process and your dedicated team gets into the groove of things, we can review the frequency and make necessary adjustments.

Performance Evaluations

There is no limit to perfection. That is why we regularly run performance evaluation to make sure your dedicated team delivers.


We invest our heart and soul into every single software developer we hire. From tech conferences to certifications, you can always expect continued skill development within your dedicated team.

Stacktome is an EU-based company that develops a big data platform to improve customer retention and increase conversion rates.
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The customer faced a problem of finding local developers because he wanted to boost the company’s growth.
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Troverie is a large US-based online marketplace for luxury watches, working with Grinteq to deliver their e-commerce experience.
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Watchely is a mobile-first solution for the US market. The company is an expert in the luxury watch market and verifies luxury watch dealers to purchase from.
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Age of APIs
One of our clients from the New York-based brand came up to Grinteq with a need to create an API for their existing shoe e-commerce storefront.
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Payment integration
We cooperated with one of the most popular payment processors in the world.
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Lost in translation
We cooperated with an American premium clothing company whose aim was to create an e-commerce solution with multi-local web stores.
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Discovery call
Message sent
We will write you back to in less than 24 hours, otherwise pizza is on us!
What kind of dedicated development team will work for you?
We'll be in touch in a couple of hours, and hooray, now you are only 1-3 weeks away from establishing a top development team with us.