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Find certified experts in industry-defining platforms with grinteq


Grinteq helps organizations install, configure, migrate, maintain, and personalize Salesforce. On top of this, Salesforce cloud synchronization and integration with 3rd-party services are our cherished specialty.

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Adobe Commerce / Magento

We can customize every element of Adobe Commerce to design powerful online businesses that suit the demands of a wide range of consumers. Our experience will ensure your online business is user-friendly and profitable.

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a scalable and extensible platform for worldwide growth. Lets leverage its wholesale ordering, checkout customization, and advanced promotion features. Automate operations with Grinteq to enhance sales and engagement.

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Grinteq creates innovative digital experiences for businesses, goods, and services, including web design and development. Webflow saves time by merging design and programming for scalable no-code website creation.

Amazon Brand Store

Our team of professionals can help your company, product, or service sell on Amazon, providing your customers with a top-notch digital experience. We can start from scratch or go the extra mile when promoting companies on the #1 online retail platform.

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best-in-class payment integration software engineers

Paypal integration service
Square payment integration
2checkout payment gateway integration
Stripe payment integration service
Amazon Pay integration
Amazon Pay
Authorize payment gateway integration
Braintree payment integration

Give your customers peace of mind by providing a safe and reliable means of making payments to you. Hire top-notch ecommerce experts in payment integration to implement trusted payment gateways in your online store's checkout.

Hire dedicated ecommerce developer without a hitch

Step 1

Gathering requirements

To locate the right specialists for your team and project, we discuss your objectives first.

Step 2

Assembling a team

Grinteq send CVs for best-fit engineers. You pick the applicants, we organize interviews. We follow your company's recruiting procedure during interviews: code reviews, technical tasks, etc.

Step 3


Our developers comply with your standards, using your preferred reporting, time-tracking, and communication tools.

Fast Project Estimation

Grinteq's solutions are quick, easy, and affordable for enterprises. Simply describe the scope of your job and we will get you a no-obligation quote right to your inbox.
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How to hire an ecommerce developer: your best-fit model

Grinteq is eager to accommodate projects of any size and scope, either full-time or part-time, on conditions you find most suitable to you. We will tailor our expertise and skills to fill in any gaps you may have.

Fixed cost

To provide budgetary stability and eliminate the need to keep track of monthly engineering hours, we can agree on a fixed price for the full project scope.

Time & material (on-demand)

Let's decide on a pay-as-you-go strategy and discuss the monthly time commitment required of our engineers.

Your needs-based IT Outsourcing Approach

Full-scale teams ready to fill in any skill gap you may have.
An outsourcing model that is specifically designed to meet your unique needs.
Prompt team set-up and kickoff at a desired pace.
Flexibility in managing workloads and resources.
Transparent and predictable costs.


How to hire an ecommerce web developer with Grinteq?

Basically, to hire an ecommerce developer with Grinteq, you have flexibility in choosing the approach that works best for you. However, for optimal results, we recommend following these steps:

1. Clearly define your project requirements and objectives, and communicate them transparently.
2. The hiring process with Grinteq involves identifying suitable professionals, screening CVs, conducting interviews, following a defined hiring process, contracting, and integrating them into your team and project.
3. On top of this, negotiate terms and pricing to secure the services of an ecommerce developer for your project.

Thus, we can ensure a smooth and effective hiring process for your ecommerce development needs.


Are you a recruiting agency or something like this?

First and foremost, Grinteq focuses on providing businesses with specialized ecommerce development services. As a result of our focus on addressing complex technical challenges, we are not a recruiting agency as such. We do, however, have a talent pool of approximately 900 expert-level developers with whom we maintain close contact.  

We frequently work on a project or dedicated-team basis, and provide expertise in software implementation and customization, web design, and other technical areas. Rather than hiring, our primary focus is on delivering specific development projects or tasks.


How much does it cost to hire an ecommerce developer? Any additional costs?

Naturally, the cost of hiring an ecommerce developer varies depending on aspects such as their expertise, project complexity, and your individual needs. In general, Grinteq provides hourly and fixed project pricing. Our ecommerce developers' hourly charges often vary from $50 to $100 or more, depending on their skill level and specialization.

When you cooperate with Grinteq, you pay only the hourly rate for work hours no other agency fee. Grinteq covers days off, vacation, sick days, and sports allowance.


How do you verify ecommerce developers before submitting them to us?

Grinteq uses technical tests, portfolio reviews, interviews, skill verification, and cultural fit evaluations to gauge developers' mastery of various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. We look at portfolios, samples of past work, and completed projects to determine quality and level of experience.

Communication skills, problem-solving prowess, and suitability for client projects are evaluated through interviews and reference checks. Finally, the developer's ability to fit in with the client's existing team and work environment is considered during the cultural fit evaluation.


Can I replace the ecommerce developer?

Yes, it is indeed possible to replace a developer. To ensure a seamless process, it's important to communicate your concerns transparently. We can also review the contractual agreements to find the best possible solution for a smooth developer replacement. At Grinteq, we take responsibility for planning a flawless transition, ensuring knowledge transfer, and discussing time and cost considerations in advance.

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