Ecommerce platform maintenance for Europe's mattress brand to keep the skyrocketing business growth.

Magento 1 support

Magento 1 support


yoy growth in U.S. and Canada markets


mattresses sold


stores offer its products

Business environment

Europe's fastest-growing sleep D2C brand offering innovative and comfortable mattresses. More than 1,5 million people have started to sleep better due to the products from the popular mattress store.

With the rapidly increased number of customers in 2020, the online store had to ensure the ability of the business to support online sales operations volume.

Project brief

To meet the need for upgrades and efficient platform maintenance, the client was looking to expand existing software development capabilities. The areas of work included the checkout process, warehouse operations, functionality for suppliers. As well as taking care of technical vulnerabilities that could result in sales loss.

Grinteq provided the ecommerce store with required extra resources to ensure unbroken sales operations.




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Magento 1 support


Like any large-scale organizational change, migration projects hold a bouquet of challenges. It is vital to maintain business continuity before the day-to-day platform operations are reestablished during the deployment of the new system.

A migration from Magento to another ecommerce platform is not an easy process itself for organizations with heavy legacy systems. Double it with the platform's mandatory requirements to sustain high volume throughput of orders due to constantly increasing customer growth.

More on more online sellers are facing a strong need to be able to support the outdated Magento version while maintaining superb store operations until the migration.

This is exactly what we did - Grinteq helped the client with a number of ongoing projects, including building integrations of the ecommerce platform with their warehouses, carriers, suppliers.



Us covering payment integrations and providing ongoing website maintenance and support allowed the client to focus on planning the new tech strategy and prepare for the migration thoroughly - all without losing the rapid business growth of 170% per year.

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