Grinteq partners with Worldz to deliver flawless omnichannel experience

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership! It's a great pleasure to welcome new partners and companions in the rapidly changing world of ecommerce.

What to expect from this partnership?

Grinteq and Worldz share the same values - and mission to make ecommerce more engaging and customer-centric. In particular, to make the digital commerce environment more livable for social creatures longing to interact and share their experience.

Grinteq sees every aspect of ecommerce as a battlefield for delivering the best possible solution, and so does our new partner. While we love the technical and functional part of ecommerce, Worldz adds a valuable piece - the social aspect. 

Val Sologoub, CMO at Grinteq
"Collaborations are essential as they provide excellent learning, growth, and development opportunities. We believe our partnership with Worldz will let our clients get all-purpose support in optimizing their web stores experience" - says Valeria Sologoub, CMO of Grinteq.

About Worldz

Worldz is an EU-recognized tech company in the Martech field providing a one-of-a-kind solution to bridge the gap between social media and online stores - the software capable of integrating Social Networks with ecommerce platforms. 

By implementing their social post payment methodology, Worldz boosts sales performance for ecommerce businesses by allowing consumers to pay with a social post. Over 780K active users and 300+ online stores are now using Worldz, which works with any product and companies of any size.

Once installed, users who pass through the ecommerce platform are engaged by overlays and smart navigation windows able to accompany the customer along the purchase journey. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, the Worldz algorithm determines the economic value of a user's social profile. Proportionally, it gives the user an instant, customized credit in return for social sharing about the selected brand or product. And all of these are happening right within the online store.

Only up to 2% of the website traffic is converted into user data useful for marketing activities like GDPR-compliant email marketing and online campaigns. The software also becomes especially useful when generating proprietary data - given the disposal of third-party cookies. With Worldz, you get valuable first-party data with each Social Login. And given that 40% of leads profiled by the software share on social media - this means pure encouragement for online word of mouth about your brand.

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About Grinteq

Grinteq is a first-class boutique software development partner, uniting a team of seasoned software developers, architects, UI/UX designers, and quality assurance engineers. With deep tech expertise, it helps brands stand out in the competitive digital commerce market and build attractive and stable online experiences.

Founded in 2016, Grinteq has already supported more than 50 clients within the online retail domain, B2B products, and other ecommerce agencies across Europe, the USA, and Canada. Covering an extensive tech stack, they bring Salesforce, Adobe Commerce, Shopify, Webflow, and WordPress capabilities to their best.

Featured projects and services:

  • Technical consulting
  • Full-cycle webstore design and development
  • Webstore maintenance and support
  • Cartridge/plugin development
  • Marketplace integrations
  • Ecommerce platform migration and more.

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