Grinteq engaged in valuable networking opportunities during Paris Retail Week 2023

We are pleased to share some highlights from our recent trip to Paris.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that our long-term friendship with TechSparq has reached a qualitatively new level; now we are honored to have them as our esteemed global retail consulting partner.

Jonathan Patz (Customer Success Manager, TechSparq), Vincente Pass (VP of Growth & Partnerships, TechSparq), Sergei Lakishik (Grinteq CEO), Dedrick Boyd (TechSparq CEO)

The TechSparq team are true trailblazers in ecommerce; their workshop, Future of ecommerce, at this Paris Retail Week (PRW), was more than inspiring.

TechSparq’s CEO, Dedrick Boyd, discussed pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the ecommerce space harnessing the potential of customer data, AI, and innovative technologies to captivate audiences, foster loyalty, and drive remarkable and ethical business growth.

Grinteq is proud to collaborate with TechSparq to deliver these immersive experiences globally.

Furthermore, we were delighted to have the opportunity to meet and extend our gratitude to all those who found a moment to meet us during PRW. The event provided a great platform for insightful discussions on the future prospects of the ecommerce industry. 

Grinteq had the privilege of engaging with representatives of esteemed companies such as Oro, ReturnGO, Neo9, Cocolabs, Payplug, and Viva Wallet, who are considered trailblazers in the digital retail industry.

More about our outstanding colleagues: 

TechSparq - A digital commerce technology consulting company that helps businesses with software development, digital transformation, and emerging tech.

Oro - An open-source ecommerce platform for B2B companies to build robust online stores and manage the entire order fulfillment process.

ReturnGO - Provides SaaS solutions for returns management to streamline reverse logistics and cut costs associated with product returns.

Neo9 - An AI-powered ecommerce personalization platform that uses machine learning to optimize user experiences and drive more conversions.

Cocolabs - Develops Shopify applications focused on marketing automation like pop-ups, cart recovery, and abandoned cart recovery tools.

Payplug - Offers payment gateway services for websites and mobile apps to securely process transactions in over 30 currencies worldwide.

Viva Wallet - A digital wallet and payment platform that provides alternative payment methods like buy now pay later for online merchants.

Au revoir, Paris, see you next year!