Unlocking online potential: from rebranding and website redesign to optimization and data app development.

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Faru is a dynamic digital agency based in Munich.

Most importantly, they love Amazon. This passion is accompanied by a broad variety of services, ranging from business consulting to content creation.

Faru are wizards when it comes to assisting companies in settling on Amazon marketplaces and standing out from the crowd.

They provide hands-on consultancy on how to create listings for products, handle pricing and stock, and enhance presence on Amazon.

On top of this, their job involves providing market performance analytics and insightful data.

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Full-cycle project delivery


1. Unlocking online potential

During their journey towards digital maturity, Faru recognized the need for a fresh spark: rebranding, a new website, and innovative tools to improve communication with their clients.

The Grinteq team was looking for a platform with a simple, configurable admin panel that didn't need software engineers to put in extra time. We wanted a solution that would not take too many resources, but at the same time be able to highlight the company’s creativity. The solution had to be as cutting-edge and dynamic as the company itself.

2. Data app development

Later, in the course of our work together, Faru also engaged us into their Amazon data project. They asked us to support their data analysis process by developing with a technical solution for assembling useful data from various sources.

Since Amazon is a massive ecosystem, gathering data piece by piece from all the many Amazon services is another effort. We needed a system that would centralize and arrange everything, making evaluating and providing elegant reports simple.


1. UX/UI design and web development

We started collaborating with Faru when they asked us to create some content pages for them. During the process, we realized that their current website didn’t fully reflect the variety and the value of the services they provided, their business culture. As a result, we decided to revamp the website completely, from top to bottom.

Brand identity. Grinteq outlined the company’s core values, target audience, and marketing objectives to create a cohesive branding package. Website design UX/UI, a dozen unique illustrations, and marketing materials - Grinteq developed these elements to establish a strong and recognizable brand identity that resonates with Faru’s customers.

Redesigning. Together with the Faru team, we settled on Webflow as the new platform for their operations. Webflow is a low-cost, SaaS application for web design that allows quicker client-developer communication and easier one-person “no-backend” development.

The key benefit is time savings (it took us a month to design and a month to develop): we were able to skip the complexity, over-communication, and hassle related to full-blown web development, allowing all the work to be done by a web designer. With an intuitive and admin-friendly interface for creating and customizing web pages, Webflow was the perfect fit to mirror Faru's dynamic culture.

We analyzed how visitors interacted with the website and optimized the website UX to improve the customer journey and, subsequently, boost sales.

Performance optimization. To achieve high website performance and speed, we prioritized visible content, used the best graphics (such as SVG), and optimized Faru’s design assets.

For a quick and seamless website performance, all assets are put through specialized tools.

Localization. Leveraging the best-in-class Weglot solution, Grinteq established a multi-language interface that includes support for four languages, namely English, German, French, and Polish, to help Faru reach a wider audience and increase user engagement, ultimately making their services more appealing on a global scale.

2. Data app development

Our team developed a Data App to acquire data from multiple sources in order to extract useful information and enhance end-customer insights. The application has two main components: the app (implemented in Node.js) that handles the data and the database (MariaDB) where the data is kept.

After being safely stored in the database, this data is then subjected to further analysis utilizing third-party BI tools to identify patterns and trends. As a result, Faru’s customers get insightful reports that help them make data-driven choices and accomplish their business objectives.

The tools we developed handle the following tasks:

  1. collecting information such as the product's title, description, category, price, images, reviews, ratings and other related data. This data is used to analyze trends, identify competitive products, and track pricing changes.
  2. collecting information such as the seller's name, ratings, reviews, location, products, and prices. This information may then be utilized for vendor discovery and cost monitoring.
  3. gathering data such as the category name, number of goods, average ratings, sales volume, and other relevant information. Faru clients use this data to determine competitive categories.
  4. gathering and compiling data on orders, transactions, catalog items, business and inventory reports so that Faru clients have a better grasp of shop performance and a clearer picture of how to increase product sales.


In the upshot, Faru launched a sleek, mobile-friendly, and easy-to-navigate website that accurately portrays the company and its expertise, and has propelled it to the new heights. Enhanced with multi-language functionality, it now provides a quick and fluid user experience, while an admin-friendly full-control back-end allows simple maintenance and modification.

Supporting the client further, Grinteq has developed a unique tool for Faru that enabled more effective collaboration with clients through the use of interactive presentations. To create on-demand content items more efficiently, Faru now uses 4-stage interactive forms that facilitate back-and-forth feedback with clients.

And finally, a brand new Faru Data App now aggregates and processes information from various sources to help its end-users make informed strategic decisions. The tools we coded let them easily monitor product, vendor, category, and performance data.

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