LINK cartridge development for SFCC to power the client's business for growth at speed and scale.

LINK cartridge development for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

LINK cartridge development for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

2 mln

businesses use Square


market share in the POS category

50 mln

monthly active Cash app users

Business environment

Combined with the new way of our everyday life, the pandemic has also changed the way people do shopping.

In 2020 digital payments grew by an astounding 53%, which moved us closer to a cashless society. Last year digital payments market size was valued at $58.30 billion and expected to grow at a 19.4% CAGR from 2021 to 2028.

The surge in demand for contactless payments led to the exceptional rise of service providers, such as Square, Apple, PayPal. From being a nice-to-have option, digital payments turned into a must-have for commerce businesses.

Project brief

Square, Inc. is a US-headquartered digital payments provider with offices across the globe. Its main goal is to empower businesses and people to participate and thrive in the economy.

Square offers software and hardware tools that make payment processing for millions of people simple.

As of the middle of 2022, more than 26,000 companies around the world have accepted payments with Square POS (27,34% market share), making it one of the most popular POS systems in the competition with 236 other tools in the category.

Together with Grinteq, Square developed a custom payment integration for Salesforce platform.

Now merchants can use it to pull in orders along with invoice data by using Square payment gateway. The application is delivered in a managed package and published on Salesforce AppExchange.


Project management


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LINK cartridge development for Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Square payments is a virtual payment gateway that connects merchants with the banks. It helps to complete online transactions, providing security at all stages.

The goal of the project was to enable Square payments for Salesforce merchants with data from Salesforce CPQ. Besides, one of the major tasks was to meet all Salesforce Billing and Square’s internal standards and requirements.

Grinteq was selected as one of the development partners to bring Square payments to the next level.


The project started with the technical analysis of the app architecture. We found a way to built precise associations between Salesforce and Square systems. This approach has provided transparency and security for the payment process.

Grinteq delivered the code in a managed package, which means it's upgraded if a new version of the app is available.


As a result, a merchant can accept digital payments by integrating a plugin into their SFCC environment in a few clicks. No need to deal with banks and worry about sensitive data protection. The pricing model includes everything from SaaS and PCI-compliance fees to chargeback fees.

So, the new integration lets Salesforce merchants focus on sales and drive their business.

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