Amplifying Openmind’s capabilities to boost digital transformation in Italy.

SFCC and React Native teams extension

SFCC and React Native teams extension

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud provider on the Italian market


as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe

Business environment

In some respects, the pandemic was a last call for those brands who eschewed digital transformation. Those who postponed it had to accomplish everything at a breakneck speed, in asap mode – and one cannot do this without top-notch development agencies.

In Italy – known for its exquisite and premium goods – many of its reputable retailers had to transform rapidly and effectively in order to retain their loyal consumer base.

Yet, for big successful brands, digital transformation is not something that can be done just to check the box. All the nuances of their companies have to be translated into the digital realm with great precision.

Project brief

Openmind (now part of Accenture Interactive) is one of the most prolific Italian companies ahead of the game, both in digital transformation and ecommerce. Having the best of their expertise in Salesforce and its Commerce Cloud, they managed to digitize successfully such leading brands as Allianz, Maserati, Barilla, Max Mara, and Luxottica. 

In 2021, the Financial Times recognized them as one of Europe's fastest growing companies.

Since Openmind always had a holistic approach to digital transformation – aiming to deliver flawless omnichannel presence, rethinking the brands’ organization, processes, and technology stack – there was a need for additional highly qualified experts. 

Openmind's customers required quick scaling of their development teams with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and React Native technical expertise. The agency engaged Grinteq to address client demand in the rapidly growing commerce market.




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SFCC and React Native teams extension


Openmind was working with an unorthodox set of technologies that called for a diverse team of experts. Organically expanding such a team to keep up with the company's projected growth is a tricky job. 

Thus it was a challenge to find the right-fit expertise fast not only on the local market but also while considering specialists from all over the world. One of Openmind's critical selection criteria was balancing value, risks, and costs. 

Technically, there was a need in SFCC frontend and backend development, and maintenance. Openmind also needed React Native specialists for assisting in mobile development and 3rd-party integrations for the SFCC websites.

On top of this, the team was aiming to develop dynamic applications from scratch, submitting them to the App Store and Google play with accessibility support.


Within a month, Grinteq scaled up the Openmind team with 8 senior engineers, who fit their technology and company culture requirements.

Grinteq enhanced Openmind’s React Native development capabilities for the digital transformation of the eighth-largest retailer in the world:

  • Developing advanced navigation for the company’s app from scratch;
  • Designing the onboarding process with authentication screens, including sign-up and sign-in forms;
  • Creating generic push models, web views models, action result modals;
  • Developing heavy listings screens with filters, designing sorting options as well as other dynamic data fetching options;
  • Employing Google Maps and React Native Maps library to integrate maps into the app;
  • Enhancing released and pre-existing apps with dynamic data loading, such as dynamic app menus;

Grinteq also boosted Openmind’s SFCC development for a children's clothing and maternity goods brands:

  • Creating front-end architecture from scratch with Webpack, TypeScript, React.js, Sass;
  • Integrating the third-party plugins and services like LiveChat;
  • Integrating the React.js components like sliders, etc;
  • Building TypeScript plugins usable with page designer components while supporting legacy code;
  • Customizing recommendation sliders with Einstein AI service;
  • Creating custom functionality, 3D animations, and effects with Sass;
  • designing mobile functionality for menus, modals (including information modals, like a mini cart on mobile);
  • Creating custom validations for unique content selection;
  • Creating a custom Shipping calculator with multiple ranges of prices and additional info on costs;
  • Designing dynamic labels for marketing campaigns and promotions;
  • Creating static pages and re-usable content assets;


Grinteq helped Openmind to keep their delivery operations stable. Without sacrificing the quality of the software they offered to customers, Openmind overcame the global lack of seasoned SFCC developers and solidified their position as a reliable IT partner.

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