A set of design iterations for an open-source digital currency system.

UI/UX design for a crypto brand

UI/UX design for a crypto brand

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By the term 'cryptocurrency', we usually mean digital money that exists on a decentralized ledger aka blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are invented to avoid government control and manipulation and are usually developed as code through mining. The most famous and world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created in 2009. Its highest price was reached on Nov. 10, 2021, and was equal to $68,990.

As of 2022, there are about 10,000 cryptocurrencies launched, while the top 20 cryptocurrencies make up about 90% of the total market, according to Statista.

Project brief

Decred (DCR) is a cryptocurrency founded in 2016 and developed with the goal to solve the scalability issue that plagued Bitcoin. As of the beginning of 2022, its market cap was around $782.12M.

Decred engaged Grinteq to help them develop a grand digital experience for their platform users to support the reputation of a modern and reliable crypto brand: from delivering several design iterations to resolve the most pressing UI/UX issues to implementing new features and improving the existing design system.


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UI/UX design for a crypto brand


With the rapid development of the newly launched crypto brand Decred, the company was looking for a technical partner able to complete the analysis of the existing Decred products design and identify usability issues and other pitfalls with their further elimination. It was also critical to create a thoroughly new design system for Decrediton, a graphical user interface for dcrwallet and re-build the Decred CMS system from scratch to make the existing user experience more effective in terms of accessibility.


After the comprehensive research and usability testings, Grinteq and Decred teams introduced the entirely new look for Decred products.

Grinteq UI/UX designers worked on the stakepool theme overhaul, created a new design system for Decrediton, and implemented its elements to dcrwallet, built new Decrediton pages with new functionality. In addition, they covered the redesign of Politeia, the platform supporting Decred governance, designed responsive screens, and dark mode views for Decrediton, Politeia, and the rest. The scope of the long-lasting projects also included the redesign of some features to improve them from a UX perspective, a fully new design concept of the Decred CMS system, software development assistance.


A unique vision following the existing visual language and software updates to the ecosystem contributed to the further growth and development of Decred and its brands on the market.

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