Monthly ecommerce #21

As the sun shines brighter and the days get longer, we find ourselves stepping into the vibrant and exciting season of summer. And what better way to embrace the warmth and energy of this time than by delving into our June Monthly News Digest?

Just like the summer breeze carries a sense of anticipation, this month's news has brought us a wave of thrilling updates and captivating stories. From the world of technology to the realms of business, and beyond, we've curated a collection of the most fascinating headlines that will keep you informed and prepared for all summer ecommerce challenges.

Get ready to dive into our Monthly Digest and let the summer adventures begin!

Personalize, optimize, succeed: discover Commerce GPT

Salesforce has revealed their latest generative AI product offerings: Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT. Marketing GPT equips users with the ability to personalize emails, fine-tune audience segments or journeys automatically, while Commerce GPT aids companies with individualized shopping experiences and tailor-made offers that align with each customer's preferences. These product offerings are fueled by advanced AI technology. 

Let's now delve deeper into the impressive capabilities offered by Commerce GPT. The technology presents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in the way companies provide customized experiences at every stage of the customer's journey. By harnessing the potential of auto-generated insights powered by data, users can now offer genuinely tailored experiences that perfectly align with the unique needs and preferences of their clients.

A standout capability is Goals-Based Commerce, a tool designed to automate and optimize merchant productivity by streamlining growth and conversion strategies. This means that users have the ability to establish precise targets and goals and receive tips on how these could be met. By harnessing the Salesforce’s Goals-Based Commerce, businesses can get to desired results faster, increase revenue, and maximize their overall performance.

In addition, here comes a Commerce Concierge, a game-changing tool that lifts up loyalty and shopping experience. Now, shoppers can engage in interactions across multiple channels, spanning from digital storefronts to various apps. This functionality empowers customers to engage in personalized conversations that effortlessly facilitate product discovery.

The combination of Salesforce's Commerce GPT and the Data Cloud ushers in a new era of opportunities for companies. By harnessing their power, companies can establish stronger connections with their customers and achieve greater success in ecommerce.

And if you need any assistance with Salesforce development, we are here to make the magic.

Unleash your style: Google's AI transforms online shopping

In a series of exciting updates unveiled at Google I/O this week, the company has announced the integration of generative AI into shopping searches.

As part of their broader efforts to enhance search functionality, Google is determined to provide answers to a wider range of user inquiries while revolutionizing the organization of information.

One of the additions is the transformation of shopping searches. Based on a recent blog post, the company is currently trying to utilise a new search experience. When users enter the type of item they are looking for, they will receive a snapshot of noteworthy products to consider and products that are a good fit for their selected pricing.

Additionally, this enhanced shopping search will provide comprehensive descriptions, encompassing reviews, ratings, prices, and product images. This ensures that users have access to vital information to make informed purchase decisions.

By leveraging the power of AI in Search, Google tries to give users a holistic view of their shopping options, transforming even the most intricate and thoughtful choices faster and more effortlessly.

Shopify celebrates Shop Cash launch

Shopify has introduced an exciting rewards initiative called Shop Cash. Shoppers now have a chance to get 1% Shop Cash on purchases made through Shop Pay. This initiative serves as an added incentive for users to utilize Shop Pay and enjoy its seamless benefits. After buying an item, shoppers can easily redeem their Shop Cash rewards within the Shop app, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

According to the representatives, the release of Shop Cash symbolizes a significant achievement for Shop. Their director highlights how Shop has transformed into an outstanding app, providing users with the ability to find remarkable brands, experience one-tap checkouts, and real-time order tracking. With the introduction of Shop Cash, Shop takes a leap forward by uniting independent brands with a big audience of those who might be interested in it and acknowledging customer loyalty through rewarding incentives.

B2B buyers unite: manufacturers' ecommerce sites take the lead

The latest report reveals that B2B buyers are ditching the middleman and flocking to manufacturers' ecommerce sites for their shopping needs.

The days of endless searching and negotiating are gone. B2B buyers have spoken loud and clear: they want the convenience, reliability, and personalized experience that only manufacturers' ecommerce sites can offer. 

The report highlights how these savvy buyers have recognized the immense value of direct purchasing from manufacturers. Not only do they gain access to a wider range of products and exclusive offerings, but they also benefit from a seamless buying journey that puts them in control. 

But what exactly is driving this shift? It's all about the incredible advantages that manufacturers' ecommerce sites bring to the table. From competitive pricing and bulk ordering options to detailed product information and exceptional customer support, these sites are becoming the go-to destination for B2B buyers seeking a hassle-free and efficient buying experience. 

Now fellow B2B buyers hop on the manufacturer's ecommerce bandwagon and experience the future of business purchasing, embracing the convenience and perks that await them. 

Simplify and thrive: EU's new regime boosts ecommerce

The world of ecommerce is about to witness a major transformation. The European Union has unveiled a new VAT and Customs regime that aims to simplify cross-border transactions and enhance the ecommerce experience for both consumers and businesses.

Get ready for a smoother ride through customs and VAT compliance! This groundbreaking development promises to streamline the process, making it easier for ecommerce platforms to handle VAT obligations and manage cross-border trade. Say goodbye to confusing import duties and paperwork.

The new regime brings greater transparency and fairness to the ecommerce landscape. It levels the playing field for EU and non-EU businesses, ensuring that everyone follows the same rules.

But what does this mean for your customers? More choices, competitive prices, and faster deliveries. With the new regime in place, ecommerce platforms will be equipped to provide an enhanced customer experience, ensuring seamless transactions and timely deliveries to customers’ doorstep.

Scroll, discover, shop: TikTok's ecommerce takeover

TikTok, the beloved platform of dance challenges and viral videos, is ready to shake up the ecommerce world. They are setting their sights on a whopping $20 billion ecommerce business.

TikTok, known for its addictive short-form videos, is now venturing into the world of online retail. Imagine scrolling through your "For You" page and stumbling upon trendy fashion finds, must-have gadgets, and unique home decor items.

With TikTok's massive user base and unparalleled influence, they have the power to revolutionize how we discover and shop for products. The goal is to end scrolling on traditional ecommerce sites and to welcome the world of curated shopping experiences that cater to customers’ interests and preferences.

But here's the best part: TikTok's ecommerce adventure opens up a world of opportunities for small businesses and independent creators. It's a chance for them to showcase their products to a global audience and gain recognition like never before. So get ready to support your favorite small businesses while staying up-to-date with the latest TikTok trends!