Monthly Ecommerce #24

Welcome to our September Monthly Digest, where we bring you the hottest highlights from the world of ecommerce. 

This month, we're serving up a buffet of exciting news and game-changing innovations that have the online retail world buzzing with excitement. From eBay's magical photo-to-listing tool to the dynamic duo of Shopify and Amazon reshaping the way we shop. From the largest AI event of the year, Dreamforce hosted by Salesforce, to exploring the innovative partnership between Amazon and Whole Foods Market, and bidding farewell to TikTok's Storefront. 

Plus, get ready to mark your calendars with our handpicked selection of upcoming ecommerce events for October. Let's dive into the ecommerce adventures of September!

Dreamforce 23: warming up AI revolution

Dreamforce 2023 just dropped a bombshell that's got the tech world buzzing!

Salesfocre is investing heavily to ensure that it will be at the forefront of the AI revolution. 

Dreamforce '23, Salesforce's flagship conference, highlighted the relaunch of the Salesforce platform with Einstein 1, a conversational AI assistant called Copilot, free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses for customers, new AI capabilities in Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, automation powered by Data Cloud, Slack innovations, data graphs in Data Cloud, the potential impact of Salesforce AI on job creation, Salesforce's core values of trusted and ethical AI, sustainability efforts at Dreamforce, and the introduction of a new Industry Cloud for the life sciences sector.

 eBay's new magic wand: turn photos into listings

Are you tired of spending endless hours crafting product listings on eBay? Well, guess what? eBay just pulled a rabbit out of its digital hat! 

eBay has unleashed a game-changing tool that's set to revolutionize how you sell your items online. It's like having a personal assistant for your listings, but instead of coffee runs, it works magic with your photos! 

Here's the scoop: Snap a pic of your item. Yes, it's that simple. eBay's ingenious tool then takes the wheel, using cutting-edge image recognition tech to transform your snapshot into a complete, eye-catching listing. Boom! Your item is up for grabs in no time. 

Why it's a seller's dream come true:

- Time saver extraordinaire: Say goodbye to tedious data entry. Listing your items now takes a fraction of the time, leaving you more room for what matters.

- Picture-perfect listings: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With your fabulous photos front and center, your listings are bound to turn heads and attract eager buyers.

- More "You" time: Less fuss with listings means more freedom for you. Dive into new hobbies, explore exciting opportunities, or just kick back and relax.

eBay's photo-to-listing tool is a game-changer for sellers everywhere. Whether you're decluttering, downsizing, or diving headfirst into ecommerce, this tool is your new secret weapon. 

The ultimate shopping power duo: Shopify and Amazon join forces

Hold onto your shopping carts, folks! In a jaw-dropping twist, two ecommerce giants, Shopify and Amazon, are teaming up to bring you a retail revolution like never before. 

Picture this: You're a proud Shopify merchant, and you've got a fantastic array of products ready to dazzle the world. Now, here's the kicker—thanks to this epic collaboration, you can offer your customers Amazon's "Buy with Prime" option right on your Shopify store

So, what does this mean for you? Well, it means that your customers can enjoy the lightning-fast delivery and exclusive perks that Amazon Prime members adore. With just a few clicks, they can "Buy with Prime" on your Shopify store and experience shopping bliss.

Why it's a game-changer:

- More happy customers: Offering the "Buy with Prime" option means more smiles and satisfaction from your shoppers.

- Boosted conversions: The allure of Amazon Prime can turn those hesitant shoppers into delighted buyers.

- Streamlined shopping: A seamless shopping experience keeps your customers coming back for more.

This partnership between Shopify and Amazon is set to redefine the ecommerce landscape. If you're a Shopify merchant, get ready to supercharge your sales and offer your customers the ultimate shopping experience. 

TikTok makes a bold move: farewell to storefront

The social media sensation TikTok has just made a move that's turning heads in the ecommerce world.

TikTok's journey into the ecommerce arena was nothing short of exciting. With the launch of Storefront, they created a space where creativity met commerce, and it was a blast! But, as they say, change is the only constant.

Now, TikTok is making room for fresh adventures. They're bidding farewell to Storefront, and while it's the end of one era, it marks the beginning of something new and exciting for the platform.

The big question is: What's TikTok's next move? While we don't have all the details, one thing's for sure—TikTok is all about keeping things interesting. Who knows what surprises they have in store for us next?

So, TikTok fans, stay tuned for what's on the horizon. Change can be a good thing, and we can't wait to see what TikTok has up its sleeve. Who's ready for the next viral trend? 

Amazon and Whole Foods Market: the dynamic duo of innovation

Step into the world of retail innovation, where Amazon and Whole Foods Market are rewriting the playbook on how to shop. 

Picture this: Amazon, the ecommerce juggernaut, joined forces with Whole Foods Market, the purveyor of fresh and organic delights. Together, they're taking the retail experience to new heights.

This dynamic partnership is a win-win for shoppers who get:

- Simplified shopping: the convenience of online ordering and fast delivery with Amazon's seamless integration into Whole Foods Market.

- Quality and freshness: Whole Foods Market's commitment to top-notch products and Amazon's dedication to customer satisfaction, all under one roof.

- Innovation Hub: groundbreaking retail innovations that set the bar for the entire industry. The future of shopping is here.

Amazon and Whole Foods Market are rewriting the rules of retail, and you can be part of the excitement. It's not just shopping; it's an experience.

Ecommerce events in October 2023

Looking for some fascinating industry events in Europe and the US? We’ve got a portion! Check the list of the most promising retail and ecommerce conferences and pick up the most interesting ones to pay a visit to.

When? Oct 4-5, 2023
Where? Manchester, UK
from 725 euro

When? Oct 5, 2023
Vilnius, Lithuania
from 130 euro

When? Oct 6, 2023
Brighton, UK
from $499 

When? Oct 10-11, 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
from 499 euro

When? Oct 11-12, 2023
Frankfurt, Germany

When? Oct 11-12, 2023 
Frankfurt, Germany

When? Oct 17-18, 2023
Where? Orlando, Florida, US
: $397-$897 for super early birds