An immersive design and MVP for a Silicon Valley startup that develops driverless solutions for light electric vehicles.

Website and MVP development

Website and MVP development

3 months


2 months

of MVP development

Business environment

For the past 120 years, the mobility industry has evolved. From changing horses to horsepowers and carriages to vehicles, humankind entered a new era of technology.

Today, it’s hardly surprising to see autonomous vehicles that do all the hard work without (or almost without) a human. In 2022, the global autonomous vehicles market demand was valued at $103,4K units. By 2030, this figure will increase up to 3,195K units (53,6% CAGR).

The new social reality and the transition towards a sustainable future have challenged ecommerce and delivery businesses.

Project brief

Faction Technology develops driverless electric vehicles. Founded in 2020 in San Francisco, a Silicon Valley start-up has already raised $5,9 million and continues to attract public attention. Faction offers 2 types of driverless vehicle form factors: one for micro logistics and another for using vehicles on demand.

To communicate its vision, Faction needed to create a compelling story of its future service.




React Native
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Website and MVP development


Pitching a start-up is a tricky task, especially when it comes to new technologies. The most effective way to make a good first impression of the product is to build a clear and memorable website. Aside from showcasing the product, the website should reflect a brand concept, philosophy, and product benefits.

For the newly-born Faction, it was critical to build a website that could cover three needs:

  • illustrate the vision of the driverless future
  • boost their brand's exposure
  • build the credibility of their business in front of potential customers 

In addition to the above, the client needed to develop an MVP for the mobile app “Vehicle on Demand”. This app would allow users to request and summon a driverless vehicle and drive it once it arrives.


When you visit the Faction site, you embark on an exciting journey (check it out yourself!). It reveals key aspects of driverless technology, explains how to use it, and how the product will make your life better. It’s not enough to tell the brand’s story; it should convince customers to crave experiences with this product. But how to achieve such an effect? Let’s take a look at what’s left behind the scenes.

Designing and building a website may take many months and large budgets, so we opted for Webflow - a lightweight and cost-effective website builder. It let us complete the project within 3 months with one designer-developer.

Next, creating a compelling brand story. The goal was to showcase product features and communicate the company's mission: smart driverless transportation that is affordable for the planet and its users. The mix of natural green, blue and grey colors created a clean and minimalistic style, supporting the company's core values.

Immersive design and highlighted colorful tracks create dynamic storytelling. Scroll-triggered animation based on optimized video files allowed us to keep fast site loading speed. 3D visualization of the objects embodied the effect of the real-life mode. With the help of the mouse, a user can simply follow the vehicle’s journey.

Based on the website design style, we developed the MVP of the “Vehicle on Demand” mobile app. The app was published on Test Flight, which allowed the team to gather initial feedback from early users and plan further steps in its development.


The website and mobile app supported Faction's gradual product launch and helped build a solid brand around its vision. The client had a quick time-to-market, validated the initial concept, and developed a brand-new image for potential customers and investors - all as per their initial plan.

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