Monthly Ecommerce #16

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2023! We're beyond excited to kick off by sharing all the latest and greatest news. Get ready for a fun-filled ride as we take you on a journey of some hot content. Today we will cover Walmart and Salesforce partnership, Shopify Commerce Components, TikTok-like shopping, and Amazon's latest updates. Enjoy the show! Let's get started.

Walmart partners up with Salesforce

Walmart Commerce Technologies and Walmart GoLocal have recently announced their collaboration with Salesforce to offer merchants a solution enabling seamless shipping. This deal opens an entrance for the merchants to the omnichannel industry pioneer technology that will be accessible on Salesforce AppExchange.

Now sellers can utilize their physical stores as distribution points while employing the Walmart app to enhance their fulfilment operations. The Store Assist serves to upgrade speed, efficiency, and overall quality while facilitating the effortless encounter between staff, clients, and couriers. Walmart GoLocal gives access to delivery-as-a-service to provide a smooth and coherent level of service for customers.

Senior Vice President at Walmart underlines that merchants will be able to utilize the same cutting-edge technologies that enable Walmart's services. So far, almost 5 000 Walmart shops have completed around 830 million orders due to Store Assist. Coupling this tech with Salesforce, merchants can now work towards improving cost efficiency by supervising the delivery, implementing 'Buy-Online-and-Pickup-In-Store,' and overall boost of effectiveness across the multichannel customer journey.

Commerce Components by Shopify

Currently, Shopify is one of the brightest retail platforms on the market. It took more than 20 years to build and enhance the technology that now supports more than 10% of US ecommerce and can handle as much as $500 billion. Now, with Commerce Components by Shopify (CCS) - the cutting-edge, composable stack for enterprise retail - the company has opened up something new to support large merchants out there. The key word here - is flexibility.

As we all know, due to fast technological change and evolving customer demand, retailers must use their creativity to keep pace. To achieve that, Shopify offers a unique solution that puts decisions first, allowing unrestricted integration and innovation while providing reliable components that speed up teamwork. 

Commerce Components offers access to both Shopify's core, high-performing elements that simplify work and flexible APIs to create dynamic user experiences that incorporate well with a merchant's desired back office without a hitch.

TikTok shopping: a dream or a reality?

A TikTok-like shopping experience is about to burst into the Amazon app. A feed full of photos and short videos is expected to allow users to easily find new items and instantly purchase them from various pages monitored by celebrities, brands, and other users. 

The goal is to finally stop users from scrolling through TikTok all day long and instead convert it into an easy and fun shopping experience. Why not? This is also an additional way for brands and influencers to promote their products and boost sales.

Earlier this year, we've seen some Amazon experiments with TikTok-like shopping. Now, the purchasing function will be available to some US-located users this December. After that, the feature is predicted to become public all around the globe.

Amazon is about to expand. Again…

The Buy with Prime service, which was initially introduced in April of last year, enables Prime members to use their Amazon account to pay on the websites of other shops and get free, extra-fast delivery. According to Amazon officials, the feature will become available to all US vendors by January 31.

In addition, the online retailer also unveiled a new feature that enables retailers to display customer feedback and rankings from their Amazon listings on their websites.

The expansion of Buy with Prime comes at a time when Amazon is dealing with decreased sales growth and a protracted period of economic instability, which has led the CEO Andy Jassy to closely examine the business's spending and carry out the most significant wave of layoffs in corporate history. As its retail and cloud computing businesses have failed to continue at the fast pace shareholders have been used to, particularly at the height of the pandemic, Amazon is now desperately working on developing new revenue streams.