Monthly ecommerce #7

Last month was full of new insights from the ecommerce industry. Visa is launching a program for future digital entrepreneurs, while Google is releasing new products to help the delivery process go smoothly for the customers. Amazon is adding a life-changing feature to Alexa that you will not resist trying out. Bonus: don’t forget to check out the statics of top marketplaces worldwide. Their numbers will inspire you to open an online store!

New NFT program from Visa

The program's goal is to engage small and medium enterprises in the digital world. According to Cuy Sheffield, head of cryptocurrencies in Visa, they noticed the growth of digital art and saw its potential.

The duration of the program is expected to be around one year, during which Visa will gather musicians, artists, designers, and other creators who will try to build their businesses with NFTs.

This is changing the whole game about how businesses sell products, and it is a total digital alternative for those aiming to conquer the market with their goods. So maybe next time you'll think of opening an Etsy store, choose a more digitalized way of becoming an entrepreneur.

A new way to manage the goods delivery process

Google has recently introduced the Last Mile Fleet Solution and the Cloud Fleet Routing API. The first one is about helping manage every step of the last-mile delivery, while the second tool concentrates on route planning. There is no information regarding the price yet since the services generally target enterprises. 

Google Cloud's director mentions that the pandemic helped the delivery business to grow. Because of Google's new services, it will now make it painless for managers to address problems and provide smooth experiences for their customers.

Fresh: top online marketplaces in numbers

We know the commerce world is flourishing, and this fact is backed up by crazy numbers of sales and overall money spent on the industry. In 2021 marketplaces sold $3.23 trillion worth of goods through their platforms. The top three ecommerce platforms remained the same: Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

As stated by Digital Commerce, the industry has grown by 18% worldwide, with North America and Europe being the most active users.

Talking about marketplaces, China is an absolute leader with having three platforms in the Top-5 rating. The ranking looks like this:

  1. Taobao (China)
  2. Tmall (China)
  3. Amazon (US)
  4. (China)
  5. eBay (US)

An update from Alexa for active online shoppers

Alexa slowly transforms from being a home assistant to becoming your friend and adviser. From now on, you can ask her to give you updates once something in your shopping cart is on sale. With your permission, she will also have the power to order the product for you so that you do not have to spend time filling in your address and credit card details. Alexa will use the info that you put in your profile beforehand. 

Amazon representatives declare that this is a new step for Alexa to become your "virtual assistant." The company plans to expand the features and teach Alexa to perform various tasks on behalf of her owner. 

It is now available in the US for Amazon Prime users.