Monthly ecommerce #13

Pumpkin spice latte season is back, and we are excited to share other trends that are about to appear on the market. This time we will cover the big VR upturn, Walmart entering the Metaverse, Amazon's hub, and Google's shopping updates. Grab your warm drink, get cozy and let's dive in!

VR is coming back for good

Having so many things in the real world, we almost forgot about virtual reality... Meanwhile, some businesses worked hard and improved the technology for sales purposes! VR is to turn ecommerce into something crazy but incredible. Imagine these three-dimensional showrooms and digital try-on spaces. Sounds breathtaking? Seems like this new trend can appear in the wishlists of many innovative brands.

The VR technology already enables shoppers to try on items like makeup and apparel, which has increased the engagement of those businesses that started implementing it. Virtual approaches don't demand special equipment from retailers or customers: 3D try-on spaces and virtual showrooms don't require the same technology as VR/AR gameplay.

Clients shop online in a digital storefront incorporated into the webpage's visual interface. Customers simply require a regular web browser or mobile connection.

So, it's a new BIG THING, agree?

Walmart as part of Metaverse

With Walmart Land and Walmart's Universe of Play on the game platform Roblox, the company is now stepping into the Metaverse. Walmart is trying out new methods of customer connection, especially in light of the pandemic's impact on consumer involvement with media platforms, smartphone applications, and gambling websites.

In addition to all the other activities, the business is testing products that can be purchased and a virtual reality function for furnishings.

William White, CMO at Walmart, stated that as the business explores more steps in the Metaverse and beyond, it will utilize Roblox as a launching pad.

Amazon is about to add a new payment option

Amazon is introducing Amazon Access, a center where people can learn about the initiatives, deals, and services for cost-effective purchasing. Additionally, their cheaper subscription Prime Access will change in the future. Finally!

Customers may get details on different payment choices, allowing consumers to book specific items for 20% of the entire cost and pay the remaining balance over time through the new Amazon Access hub. There is also info on how to use Amazon Cash, a payment method that enables one to buy on the platform without using a debit or credit card.

Payment gateway integration full guide

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Google's shopping updates

Google unveiled several shopping-related updates and new tools during its Search On presentation. They covered intuitive purchasing, personalization, and ordering with the support of reliable ratings. These enhancements will help to attract more online users to use Google for shopping rather than type their inquiries on Amazon.

According to stats, Amazon is supposed to win 14.6% of the U.S. market share for online advertising revenue by 2023, eroding Google's main search marketing business. It's estimated that Google's position will have decreased from 31.6% in 2019 to 26.4% in 2023. Get the popcorn!