Monthly ecommerce #12

Howdy, folks! It's already September (hard to believe! Winter is coming...), which means we have all already been doing some "back to school" shopping. The ecommerce businesses, in their turn, are preparing to show off what they have achieved during the summer and what they have to offer in this new academic year. Fasten your seatbelt and hop on our school bus!

Salesforce is a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for the 7th time

This month Salesforce was rated as a Leader in 2022 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce due to its "Thoroughness of Strategy" and "Ability to Implement." Sounds fantastic, right? Well, this is the seventh time they are winners in this category! The company has shown brilliant analysis and plan and is considered a champion in the field.

According to the company's representatives, an online business platform is "the underlying software that helps clients to complete purchases through a unique and typically self-service encounter." 

The service presents fully invoiced purchase requests and leverages regulations and statistics to give clients the details they need to finalize their purchasing intention. The Salesforce team states that they have many more things prepared for their users that will be revealed at the end of this year.

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Is TikTok-style feed our new reality in ecommerce?

According to reports, Amazon is developing a TikTok-like feed on its app. With this, the online retailer follows other businesses looking to capture customers' interest by releasing imitations of the well-known platform.

The ecommerce giant has been experimenting with the newsfeed on its app that lets customers swipe across TikTok-like images and videos of items submitted by other people. Many people admit their fingers are already used to spending their time scrolling through the feed.

The function is referred to as Inspire. Users will be able to like, comment, and publish product-related postings, as well as buy items right from the feed (all thanks to this functionality). Some users are convinced this is something that will undoubtedly change our shopping techniques.

The new Facebook feature that will make you buy 

Facebook aims to allow you to buy things from its ads without even going to another website. Facebook had previously been piloting a new button, achieving that with a small number of carefully chosen beta businesses. However, it is now making it available to more vendors using the Shopify ecommerce platform. 

Why this is a significant milestone: the Buy Button could improve the speed at which sellers convert leads into sales and hasten the buying process for online shoppers and users scrolling through various platforms. The Buy Button may assist Facebook in competing for advertising with Google and Pinterest. The last one has just introduced its Buyable Pins, which also permit in-person purchases - meaning that while surfing through the platform, users can now shop simultaneously.

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The truth behind TikTok's development

TikTok's potential growth approach heavily emphasizes in-stream shopping. The resource has already seen significant progress in China with its purchasing possibilities. 

TikTok gains one more way to offer successful commercialization so that artists can be compensated for their work by incorporating digital commerce through purchasing windows, live videos, connected promos, etc. 

Additionally, the company states that one of the main components of its software is ecommerce: 

"ecommerce now means purchases; this does not necessarily mean that it is what the future holds in the way that we imagine "ecommerce". TikTok is opening a new era, where marketers must adapt to clients' evolving patterns."

According to the statistics, around 50% of users are ready to buy a product based on a video, while 61% have already purchased something through the ads.