Grinteq earns a spot among the Top Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultants

We are thrilled to announce that Grinteq has been listed among the crème de la crème of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultants, according to ForceTalks - the all-around Salesforce ecosystem encyclopedia and vendor directory, combining Salesforce enthusiasts all over the world. 

We couldn't be prouder of our incredible team of experienced Salesforce developers and ecommerce aficionados who know the ins and outs of delivery for new Salesforce users in need of initial implementation or those looking to extend existing functionality and optimize their Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform for better results. 

SFCC is an advanced one-stop solution empowering digital stores to provide every single customer with superior shopping experience. A powerful set of its capabilities includes (but not limited to):

  • The Storefront Reference Architecture to build the desired web store;
  • The power of AI and predictive intelligence to gain valuable insights, analyze user behavior, provide personalized suggestions, and more;
  • Scalability and operational tools to make sure you can handle high volumes of traffic;
  • A set of marketing tools in one place to eliminate numerous integrations;
  • Multiple storefronts and rich mobile experience.

Grinteq team have mastered the art of leveraging the power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and for years have been delivering services to industry leaders, such as Openmind, Scalapay and Riskified, solidifying our reputation as a true tech delivery partner in the ecommerce realm.

Stay tuned for more industry insights and captivating tales of innovation from your favorite tech trailblazers. 

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