UAE based start up, building automated advertising and predictive tools for e-commerce business. #AdTech, #Data Analytics


The proposal: Developers were needed to upstart Stacktome, a customer data platform which specializes in improving employee retention.

Our solution: We put together the entire Stacktome development team from scratch. A team of six developers was assembled in just a few months and ahead of schedule. Each quarter, developers and management met in our office in Minsk to discuss progress and possible product iterations.

Team: The team worked in Grinteq’s Minsk office, while CTO and rest of the company were based in UAE.

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client's voice
“The team quality standard is high and I didn't have any problems managing it remotely. This collaboration is crucial for our project success. I would recommend Grinteq as dedicated team partner.”
Evaldas Miliuskas, CTO Stacktome
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At the end of the day, we’re a people company: we enjoy establishing personal relationships with our clients. That’s why the average duration of our commitment to clients is generally 1 and a half years or more.

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